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January 1, 2015

Joel Quenneville



Q.  Coach, I first wanted to ask you about Kris Versteeg's situation, how is he?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  We'll know more tomorrow.  But we'll see.  He could be out for a bit, but we'll know more tomorrow.  Upper body.

Q.  What were your thoughts on the penalty called on Toews there at the end?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  We had a power play before that, so I think both teams had their turn and they cashed in.

Q.  You saw them in November, saw them today, how different are they from last year?  What are some of your thoughts on them?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  They're big, they're quick, they got some guys that in the puck area.  The puck seems to go forward for them.  And I think another thing we got going is that as the first period progressed, we missed a big opportunity on the five on three.  But they definitely improved.  They've got four lines, they can keep the pace of their game and they check pretty hard and pretty well.  They look like they got a good balance.

Q.  Kind of talking about the last few minutes, but just the power play, how tough was it to have that five on three and not get anything out of it at that juncture?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Well, that was ‑‑ to me that's always ‑‑ you don't score on five and threes, you generally don't win and that ended up being the result.  I would have taken overtime any day of the week there, if we would have got to a five on three.
But a lot of times, you got an opportunity for that length of time.  And the mentality tonight was just shoot the puck and things happen.  But on a five on three, it's not the same mentality, which probably didn't help us.

Q.  How did you see the final sequence and what did Corey say in terms of was he distracted or what exactly happened on that final play?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  I haven't talked to him about it yet, but it looked like it was coming out of a tight area.  We had two sticks going into the puck area, almost a clear and we had‑‑ he didn't have a stick either, so we should have got that puck or got it out.  Our penalty killing has been one of our key strengths all year long and we didn't capitalize on it, but at the end of day, it was a brutal loss.

Q.  The last four games I think it's nine first period goals, anything you can pinpoint that's going on lately with that?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Well, today's kind of a different setting, different game.  We did have a flip‑flop of ends, too, which made it a little different than normal.
I still think we're ready to play and we usually play the right way.  I just think that at the end of the first we were, we might have had more chances than them, too.
So, I think it's a trend that before we were having trouble scoring in the second period and now we're giving them up in the first, I think that, over time, I don't think too much has changed in how we approach it or how we're playing.

Q.  Looking forward to getting back to normalcy here and getting rid of the camera crews and hype and circumstances and playing hockey again?
JOEL QUENNEVILLE:  Well, I think it is what it is and I think the guys were fine with the whole process.  But it wasn't much of a distraction on the way we were playing on the ice and I think that's what we're concerned about.  We'll go about our business the way we were before, during and now after.
So, it's a fun process, it was a great experience, I think that we could have left here with a point, we would have been a lot happier with the whole build‑up and the whole thrill and experience.  The fans were great.  They're just a little happier than we are today.

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