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November 21, 2003

David Toms


DAVID TOMS: You know, we didn't make a whole lot of birdies out there. We hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens to get the pressure on the other team, but they couldn't stay, they did that especially midway through the back nine and we got up. Try to get in early and get some rest. It's been a long day for me. I played a lot of holes.

It's fun. You don't really think about it when you're out there playing, having the adrenaline going, you don't get tired, especially in competition like this.

Q. Hard to keep it in the fairway on a calm day, but this afternoon it seemed breezy out there, how much harder was it?

DAVID TOMS: Difficult. Even when you place a ball out there, you can catch a knob. Like I hit one on No. 9 and just killed one and my ball actually backed up from where it landed in the fairway and just caught one of mound. It's like that a lot, you're never quite sure where your ball is until you get up to it. That's links-style golf and that's the way this golf course is. It's a little unknown. I think that's great for match-play. There's a lot of unknown out there which makes it and unique and makes it fun for the fan.

Q. You were the first point in the afternoon, I'm sure it was nice to get one on the board so everybody else could see if there was a point.

DAVID TOMS: That's good. I went out first, first couple of matches and didn't get on the board and I think sometimes that can hurt a team. It's nice to go out there today and post a win early for us.

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