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December 31, 2014

Trevone Boykin

James McFarland

Gary Patterson


TCU テや 42
Ole Miss テや 3

MODERATOR:テつ All right.テつ Coach, if you would, just give us an opening statement and we'll go right into questions.
COACH PATTERSON:テつ We're not going to be any different than we were when we came into the game.テつ Came into the game letting it be about how we play and we knew‑‑ we loved the draw.テつ Everybody said you're going to be down.
I had a team meeting and our kids were excited about Ole Miss.テつ They're a very good football team.テつ They had some things happen to them.テつ They had some players gone; they didn't play in this ball game.テつ Nothing to take away from my kids.テつ We wanted to be able to make a statement.テつ We wanted to be able to play the way we're capable of playing.テつ We didn't feel like we'd done that maybe a couple games at the end of the season.
So we're just glad to be the Chick‑fil‑A Peach Bowl champs, 12‑1 and get an opportunity with a lot of players coming back to be the team we want to be a year from now.テつ It all begins and all starts over.
MODERATOR:テつ Trevone, thoughts on the game from you.
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ I'm really just proud of these seniors and the young guys that grew up in the process.テつ Like I said, we came into this year, and after the Oklahoma game, we kind of knew what type of team we could be.
Then the Baylor game, I looked at those guys after the game, and we put in our heart that we would never lose again.テつ Everybody had the same goal and the same mindset and that's what we came out and did today.テつ I want to give credit to our defense.テつ I've never seen them fly around like the way they did today.テつ It was awesome.
JAMES McFARLAND:テつ Just to go off what Trevone said, we wanted to send the seniors out in a blast and come out and play as hard as we can.テつ We had a good game plan going into the game.テつ We had a good scheme going into it, and we just went out and executed.
MODERATOR:テつ Take questions.
COACH PATTERSON:テつ Can't work that computer or what?テつ Jiminy Christmas, it's the Peach Bowl, for heavens sakes.テつ Let's go.

Q.テつ James, your catch in the end zone for the touchdown.
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ It was crazy.
COACH PATTERSON:テつ First one ever (laughter).
JAMES McFARLAND:テつ It was more of a defensive thing.テつ Just a whole entire‑‑ our whole entire defense.テつ If it wasn't for everybody else putting pressure on him, I would have never had the opportunity to catch it.テつ So it was more of a defense as a whole, not just me.

Q.テつ Trevone, you were watching on the sideline.テつ Talk about the flood of emotion that happened on the sideline at that moment.
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ Man, our fans came out juiced up.テつ We came out juiced up and I loved every single minute of the game.テつ Guys flying around, having fun.テつ This is the last time this team will be able to play together, and it all starts over today.
To go out like we did today, it's really a blessing.テつ Those seniors, we'll miss them, and we have to grow these young guys up and try to be better next year.

Q.テつ Did that play feel like at that moment, the game was yours?
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ James' play?テつ We had a lot of plays on defense.テつ Obviously, his was pretty big and it put us up like 28, I think, going into halftime.
We came out, we knew we were getting the ball coming out at half and we wanted to really put pressure on them.テつ So we tried to come out and score and that's what we did.テつ From there, it was just taking off like a rocket.

Q.テつ For Coach and Trevone, the importance of you get that pick and being able to get off to the fast start you were able to and rolling the dice with going with the play, second play in the game.
COACH PATTERSON:テつ They had worked on it.テつ It worked against us.
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ It did (laughs).
COACH PATTERSON:テつ When we start practice, we always do a lot of beginning of ball practice, we do a lot of good on good.テつ We have a thing called Purple Ball that's like the second period of the practice, where it's ones versus ones, call anything you want to.
It worked just exactly against us the way it worked against them.テつ It was a touchdown.テつ So I think they obviously have got to be a little bit lucky because we had a couple other trick plays that didn't quite work the way we wanted them to.テつ So we'll take the one that happened, but I think they felt good about it.

Q.テつ This is for Trevone.テつ Trevone, in this game today, were you guys motivated by the fact that you were not included in the Playoff?テつ Secondly, with this resounding win today, is it like making a point for next year?
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ When you go into a game, you always want to have something to prove.テつ We came in thinking that we knew Ole Miss' defense was going to be really good.テつ We knew we were going to be really good on offense.テつ All we had to do was really come out and execute.
Basically, as far as the playoff situation, it would have been a blessing for our team to have been in it, but we're happy we're a Chick‑fil‑A Bowl Champions and we're going to live with that for the rest of our lives.テつ And hopefully next year we can be one of those top four teams.

Q.テつ Gary, playing off of that, you said you wanted to make a statement in this game.テつ Was your statement that you should have been in the playoffs or going into next season?
COACH PATTERSON:テつ No, we were just a good football team.テつ I told them in pregame and I'd been telling them for three days.テつ This was a two‑part situation.テつ Number one, Sam Carter was a redshirt freshman in the Rose Bowl.テつ He graduated last May and was thinking about not even playing this year because of knuckleheads.テつ And he decided and‑‑ you know, we all can learn a lot of times from our kids.テつ He said, Coach, I wasn't going to go out a loser.テつ So it would have been the only losing season he had last year at 4‑8.
So he came back like a lot of them and, really, you got to give the kids credit because after the spring, we weren't very good on offense.テつ We were putting it in.テつ We had people hurt, banged up.テつ And really, over the summer, Matt Joeckel came in, him and Trevone got together and really, by the end of the summer, our team had changed.テつ The chemistry, how they looked at things.テつ When they came into two‑a‑days, it was a situation where‑‑ I've always said if you want to have a great football team, you have to have ownership.テつ It's not what the coach thinks.テつ It's what the players think and what they want to be able to prove.テつ This group has done that.テつ They've done it all year.

Q.テつ For James, so much focus was on your offense and on this Ole Miss land shark defense.テつ Did you guys feel a pressure or a sense that you needed to come in and set the tone early and show you could go toe to toe with the Ole Miss defense?
JAMES McFARLAND:テつ Yeah, Coach P had talked a couple days before about being the best defense on the field.テつ We had game plan, we had game planned all this month.テつ We knew if we just came in and played good, and played to the best of our abilities, we'd be able to come out successful.

Q.テつ Gary, you talked about this game being a measuring stick for next year.テつ What does it tell you about this team in 2015?
COACH PATTERSON:テつ For next year, I don't know what it tells us.テつ But it does set a precedent.テつ We have basically everybody coming back on our offense except a tackle, a tight end and a wide receiver.テつ Plus, we didn't have Trevone‑‑ we didn't have‑‑ what's our little running back, B.J. Catalon today.
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ B.J., he's like lightning.
COACH PATTERSON:テつ So with everybody else coming in, we've got some recruits coming in we think will really help us and we'll miss those guys.テつ We've got to replace line backers.テつ We've got three seniors.テつ Sam, a safety, a corner and a D‑line.テつ We've got a great nucleus with the punter, kicker, and everybody coming back.テつ For us, it will be about how we start on January 11 or 12 and go back to the beginning.
You know what?テつ I've been in this position when we went to the Fiesta and then the Rose.テつ We lost the Fiesta and our seniors came back with the precedence of wanting to be able‑‑ that's not how they wanted to end their career.テつ So what this group has to understand, even though they won, is they've got to decide they want to go back to the beginning and become the kind of team this football team is.テつ If they do that, we'll have an opportunity to do the things we want to do.
We have a tough schedule next year.テつ We're on the road.テつ We have to go to Minnesota.テつ You got to go to Oklahoma, you got to go Oklahoma State, you got to go to Kansas State.テつ You have to go to Texas Tech.テつ We have got to go a lot of places that are tough places to go play.テつ Already looked the that schedule.テつ Head coaches are always looking ahead.
We're going to have to be a better football team next year to be able to replace what we did this year, and they're going to have to decide if they want to do that.テつ There's a lot of good leaders on this football team and I think there's an opportunity for them to get that done.

Q.テつ For Gary and Trevone, what do you suppose your frame of‑‑ your mind frame will be watching the games tomorrow and what will you be thinking?
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ I'll be happy we won the Chick‑fil‑A Peach Bowl.
COACH PATTERSON:テつ I train them good, don't I?
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ And sit back and just watch those guys play.テつ Playing against some of those guys like Baylor, I mean, I know they're going to come out and try to fly around.テつ So, I mean, I'm just going to enjoy this win with my teammates and pray ‑‑ not necessarily pray for these seniors coming up next year, because the young guys, like I said, we're going to have to grow them up.テつ Sitting down watching these next couple of games, it won't be that hard for us, knowing that we won ours.
COACH PATTERSON:テつ We're pulling for the Big 12.テつ You have Kansas State and Baylor next, both of them playing.テつ You've got to be one family.テつ I think the SEC, listening yesterday in our press conference of how strong they are about being as one, and I think that's one thing the Big 12 has to be able to do.テつ I don't think it's the Big 12 versus the SEC, but I do believe that you have to be proud of the conferences you're in and we're proud that Big 12 gave us an opportunity to be here because without doing that, we probably wouldn't be sitting here today.

Q.テつ James, did you guys feel like you intimidated Ole Miss on offense after a couple of series?
JAMES McFARLAND:テつ We just wanted to be aggressive.テつ We knew they were pretty good on offense.テつ We knew it was going to be a tough challenge to come in and beat them and be able to be dominant.テつ We knew we were up for the task.テつ We just came in and played and played hard.テつ We were going to be successful.テつ It was going to be good.

Q.テつ Question for James also.テつ How do you think y'all were able to create that much pressure on the quarterback?
JAMES McFARLAND:テつ Just from scheming, from watching film.テつ Different people came in the game.テつ We relied on different people, our backups, the twos to come in and be productive and they were able to do that.
COACH PATTERSON:テつ One of the things you guys are forgetting, I think, we ended up the number two defense in the Big 12.テつ Number one rushing, number one in first downs‑‑ I mean third downs.テつ Number one getting them off the field.テつ It wasn't like it was just a bunch of hey‑yous.

Q.テつ Trevone, that looked like a tired Ole Miss defense by the end of the first half.テつ I'm wondering what role you think the tempo that you guys set had a part in that.
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ We knew that most SEC teams didn't run the fast‑paced offense like we do.テつ The only people that really played that was kind of sort of like us was A&M and they came out successful in that game.
We knew that if we played to our tempo and did what we do on offense then we can be very successful and running those big guys, making them go across the field, chase from sideline to sideline, it kind of helped us because when we take shots, they were really not as pass rushes as much as they were.テつ But they came out pretty excited.テつ They came out fired up, and our offense did too.

Q.テつ Trevone, can you talk about the play‑‑
COACH PATTERSON:テつ You know, this is not like a deposition.テつ You can ask the question 25 different ways, but they're going to answer it the same, I promise you.

Q.テつ New topic.テつ The plays that Josh Doctson and Kolby Listenbee made for you, how much faith do you put in those guys?
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ A lot.テつ They've been doing it all year.テつ So why not do it on the stage like we did today.テつ Those guys have been making plays all year.テつ You can go back to the Minnesota game when Josh had the one‑hand catch or you can go back to the UT game where Kolby comes down with the post between three people.テつ So when you got guys like that making plays for you, you give them a chance.テつ That's all you can do and hope for the best.
MODERATOR:テつ Anybody want the last one?
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ He might want it again.
MODERATOR:テつ Carlos?
COACH PATTERSON:テつ You can come back on the plane with us if you want to.テつ Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to you.

Q.テつ Do you think you had more emotion today than Ole Miss when you came out?
COACH PATTERSON:テつ We can't speak for Ole Miss.テつ Number one, you're not going to see Gary Patterson and his football team ever come into a place like this‑‑ Ole Miss is a good football team.テつ They lost a couple really good players.テつ Not to take anything away from ours.テつ They have a really good coaching staff, and they have a really good football team.テつ Sometimes games turn out like they do, fumbles, interceptions, all the things.テつ We threw them ourselves.
But I think moving forward, one of the things I think we try to accomplish in this football game, just like we did when we talked about the playoffs, is that somebody in this world needs to start taking the high road, whether it's football, politics or anything else you do.テつ This playoff system is not perfect.テつ Neither was the BCS.テつ Neither is anything that I've been a part of in 33 years.
The bottom line to it is if we set our mind and this is what we say we're going to do, we've got to be part of it.テつ That goes with Ole Miss.テつ They've got a great head coach.テつ He cares about his kids.テつ They work hard.テつ They go about their business.テつ And they've got some really good players.
Today, it just happened to turn out like it did.テつ For us, I think it was more about what we were trying to get accomplished.テつ We're trying to get accomplished at the end of the season playing the best football game we could as a TCU football team.テつ And I think‑‑ I don't know if we could play any better.
MODERATOR:テつ Trevone?
TREVONE BOYKIN:テつ I can't speak for Ole Miss.テつ I can only speak for our team.テつ When we put on this purple, it means something to us.テつ So we play with a lot of passion and you can say we get it from our head coach because he coaches with a lot of passion.テつ But we tried to come there out on fire.テつ Like I said, we tried to come out and fire on all cylinders.テつ And our crowd, we fed off our crowd.テつ They came out really energetic tonight and we fed off them and guys made plays flying all around the field.
JAMES McFARLAND:テつ I can't speak for Ole Miss either.
As far as our team, we just wanted to come out and play as best we could, and that's just the motto of our team.テつ Doesn't matter who we're playing or where we're playing, playing in the parking lot, we just want to come out and dominate.
MODERATOR:テつ That will do it.テつ Thank you.

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