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December 31, 2014

Hugh Freeze

C.J. Johnson

Bo Wallace


TCU テや 42
Ole Miss テや 3

MODERATOR:テつ Coach, you can start with your opening statement.
COACH FREEZE:テつ Obviously, very disappointing day and really got to go around that locker room to see every single senior and to see them hurt like they're hurting today is not much fun.テつ It's not enjoyable at all.テつ And it's hard for me to put into words to them how much they meant to this program in turning it around to making it relevant again because they're human and they can't feel that right now.テつ They feel disappointed.
We obviously did not perform well today.テつ TCU did.テつ I take credit for that, responsibility.テつ I didn't have our kids prepared to play at a level that they deserved to be able to play and compete today.テつ But extremely proud of our kids and how they've turned this program in a short three years to being relevant and competitive and just, you know, sickening that it wasn't that way for them today because we all are partial to our kids and we believe they deserve to give an adequate representation and feel like that I let them down in getting them ready for it.
MODERATOR:テつ We'll open up to questions for Coach Freeze or the student‑athletes.

Q.テつ Mr.Freeze, you and Bo, Bo, you were running for your life a little bit back there.テつ What were the protection problems and what was TCU doing to confuse you?
BO WALLACE:テつ I just think they're a good defense.テつ They won some one‑on‑ones.テつ And credit to them, they had a good plan against us.テつ You have to give them the credit.
COACH FREEZE:テつ They won a bunch of one‑on‑ones.テつ They didn't bring a lot of pressures or it wasn't anything that I could sit here and say that ‑‑ they drew up great.テつ Their kids played with phenomenal effort, just like we knew they would.テつ We obviously have been beat up some in the offensive line, played some young kids, made a few mistakes in protections with their movement.
Then, of course, lost Laremy and Robert too, Conyers, so we were struggling with depth there and playing people a bit out of position.テつ But even before that happened, we were‑‑ they were getting pressure on us.テつ They are certainly had a good plan and we've got to go back and make ourselves better in a lot of ways in making sure that‑‑ they had a good scheme for us and felt like they knew when we were passing and when we weren't.テつ Boy, they won a bunch of one‑on‑ones.

Q.テつ Hugh, could you talk about Laremy's injury, the extent of it, and then I guess just your feeling and the time's feeling when obviously that happened, just kind of what this did in terms of your momentum.
COACH FREEZE:テつ I don't know that we ever had any momentum.テつ Our defense did create some turnovers and I thought we stopped the run for the most part.テつ But they just had to stay on the field the entire day.
When you see Laremy go down and we're already down there, I'm sure it went through people's minds that, man, we really are struggling right now to get people in the offensive line in positions that they've played and guys that have played a lot of snaps this year.
The only thing I know to fix that is recruiting and we've got to go and build some depth there and talent.

Q.テつ The extent of the injury?
COACH FREEZE:テつ It was a broken fibula, just like Laquon's and Denzel's.
C.J. JOHNSON:テつ And mine.

Q.テつ Coach, one for you, one for Bo and C.J.テつ First, is TCU the best team you all have seen this year?テつ Bo, I know you probably hate to go out the way you did today.
COACH FREEZE:テつ TCU is a very good team.テつ They deserved every mention they got this year to be in the hunt for one of the four.テつ They certainly, rightfully, deserve to be in it with the others.テつ That's a tough deal.テつ Glad I'm not on that committee.テつ To pick the four is a very difficult task.テつ They certainly could compete with any of those in it, no question in my mind.

Q.テつ And Bo?
BO WALLACE:テつ It's pretty obvious that I didn't want to go out this way.テつ I didn't want the seniors to go out this way.テつ Really, we had a chance to help next year's team in the preseason ratings and that was important to me.
This program's given me a lot and I felt like winning this game could be me giving them something with a top 5 rating in the preseason next year.

Q.テつ C.J.?
C.J. JOHNSON:テつ Kind of the same thing Bo said.テつ It's just disappointing to send the seniors out like that.テつ I mean, there's really no other way to put it.テつ They're a really good football team and they just came out and they just gave it to us today.

Q.テつ C.J., a question for you.テつ Y'all did get the four turnovers, had some bright spots.テつ How tough was it containing Boykin back there?
C.J. JOHNSON:テつ At times, we kind of had him contained a little bit.テつ It all came down to execution.テつ It seemed like every little thing that went wrong for us today could have went wrong on defense.
Early on, they was hitting us with a little tempo there.テつ We were kind of looking over the sideline, guys wasn't quite getting lined up.テつ Missed a few assignments.
I think it wasn't so much of what they were doing.テつ I think it was just poor execution on our part.

Q.テつ Coach, TCU has ten offensive starters coming back next year and half their defense coming back.テつ You voted for Patterson twice for Coach of the Year.テつ Would you vote TCU number one going into next season?
COACH FREEZE:テつ They would certainly get my consideration if I were on a voting panel for preseason number one with that many people coming back.

Q.テつ For Bo, what did you see on the first two picks and then I guess what were you trying to do on the pick six?
BO WALLACE:テつ Oh, I saw Cody Core.テつ I tried to throw it at his feet to not take the sack.テつ The guy made a great play on it.テつ On the first one, the safety just‑‑ I should have never thrown that one.テつ The other one, I just should have led them down the field more.

Q.テつ Hugh, so much was made about TCU's‑‑ or not made about TCU's defense, so much made about the offense.テつ Scheme‑wise, how were they able to take away the run so efficiently and so effectively?
COACH FREEZE:テつ They won their one‑on‑ones.テつ They don't do‑‑ they're constantly moving.テつ They cause problems with all of their moving.テつ They're quicker than you know, than you feel like when you're watching their film.テつ Their down four guys are extremely quick.テつ They're well coached and they have good schemes.
At the end of the day, it came down to them playing a six‑man box and they stopped the run by their movement, their quickness, their toughness.

Q.テつ You saw a little bit of DeVante Kincade in this game.テつ What were your impressions of him on this stage and assess your quarterback position moving forward.テつ Specifically, would you at least consider any more transfers coming into the program this off‑season?
COACH FREEZE:テつ You're going to consider anyone you feel like helps your football team move another step forward.
Again, would like to bring attention to the job Bo's done over the course of his three years, winning two Bowl games, three winning seasons, and helping make us relevant.
So it's probably not a fair judge for Kincade to get in there and the score being the way it was.テつ I thought he threw a really good ball on a little wheel route there.テつ Didn't have the awareness, but he hadn't been in there a lot on some things, play clock, things of that nature.
Hate we didn't get Ryan in.テつ We were prepared to.テつ They were able to run the clock out for the next series.テつ Anxious to see both of those guys go to work and whoever else that we decide to bring in in the spring.テつ We've got a lot of kids returning too.テつ There's a valuable lesson to be learned from today and the way we prepared.テつ Got to go back and look at all of that and the things that I need to do differently to make sure our kids put forth their best on a day like today.
MODERATOR:テつ Thanks, gentlemen.
COACH FREEZE:テつ Thanks, guys.

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