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December 31, 2014

Deontae Cooper


THE MODERATOR:  Questions.

Q.  Coach Pete talked about it about November, changing the culture.  Was it a gradual change?
DEONTAE COOPER:  It felt like things just came together because we just kept working.  We kept working.  Things just fell into place.  I don't want to say necessarily anyone did anything different.  We just continued working.
That's kind of what happened.  People came to work.  That's the motto.

Q.  He has a bit of a poker face.  Are there some highlights or anything that jumps out from the past year?
DEONTAE COOPER:  You think he has a poker face?  I always see Coach P smiling.  He doesn't hide his emotions when I'm out there around him.  It's good when the head coach is always smiling at you, so...

Q.  (Question regarding the jerseys.)
DEONTAE COOPER:  Those jerseys were terrible.  Oh, my God (laughter).

Q.  How long do you think it was before the offense felt comfortable with the system?
DEONTAE COOPER:  I wouldn't say that we didn't feel comfortable.  I felt like there was a time where we just weren't making those plays, the ball wasn't bouncing our way.  But when you start to make those plays, it carries over to everybody else.  Everybody else has an impact.  That creates momentum for the next couple weeks.  You build off the momentum that you have.

Q.  How fun is the factor of special plays?  He's considered a master of trick plays.  Sometimes you'll practice one and never run it, but at least you practice it, and that's the fun of it.
DEONTAE COOPER:  It's fun just because when you grow up as a kid, make those trick plays in the backyard, it brings back the memory of we played this back in the day, and now we're doing it at a high level.

Q.  What do you see in Oklahoma State's defense?
DEONTAE COOPER:  We see a team that's going to blitz you.  Kind of similar to a lot of teams we play in the PAC.  It's going to be exciting to play a team out of conference, really kind of get both teams to put their best foot forward.

Q.  You played as many games as anybody because of the trip to Hawaii.  Does it feel that way?
DEONTAE COOPER:  It really doesn't.  I remember the first day of camp.  This season has really flown by.  We have one more game, then off‑season.
We can rest up later.  The season has kind of gone by so fast, I can't even remember 14 games that we played, so...

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