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December 29, 2014

Jared Tevis


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions.

Q.テつ How has it been?
JARED TEVIS:テつ They've been treating us right.

Q.テつ You've been to bowl games before, played in big games, ESPN.テつ For this experience, has it met your expectations?
JARED TEVIS:テつ The Fiesta Bowl has been treating us right, best experience.テつ The best experience of all will be Wednesday afternoon.
We're excited about it.

Q.テつ Tucson is not a small town, but we'll call it a small town boy like yourself.テつ Would you ever have dreamed this back when you were junior high, high school?
JARED TEVIS:テつ This kind of opportunity you dream about.テつ To see it right in front of me is kind of surreal.テつ It's kind of crazy.
I'm just blessed, blessed to be part of this team, have these brothers to come out Wednesday.テつ I think we're ready for it.

Q.テつ You mentioned 'brothers'.テつ Boise State is obviously familiar with your family.テつ What was the irony there when you found out who you were going to be playing?
JARED TEVIS:テつ It was really ironic.テつ Things work out that kind of way.テつ I was kind of expecting it, to be honest.
Once I found out, my mind kind of changed.テつ They came from a team I've been rooting for to my opponent.テつ Made a quick change.

Q.テつ Has there been trash talking from your brother?
JARED TEVIS:テつ No, man.テつ It's family over everything.テつ Once he found out, he tried to keep it on social media, keep people guessing who he would be rooting for.テつ But he told me he would be wearing my jersey.
It was pretty funny.テつ I let him have his fun.

Q.テつ You said something about it would be pretty sweet for this family to have Fiesta Bowl rings on the shelf back home.テつ What would it be to be able to take this away and have an opportunity like this?
JARED TEVIS:テつ It would be incredible.テつ As I said, it would just be a blessing.テつ The way things work out, both of us have a chance to play Division I college football, have the success and achievements we've had.テつ It's a blessing to us and our family, kind of a stamp on our career to get matching Fiesta Bowl rings.

Q.テつ Does he give you advice for the big stage like this?
JARED TEVIS:テつ I've been turning to him for advice for a while now.テつ I think he knows I'm prepared and I'm ready for this one.

Q.テつ This entire month, you've been waiting and waiting.テつ Was it like summer all over again getting ready for that first game?テつ How long is this going to take?
JARED TEVIS:テつ Yeah, man, it seems like it's been taking forever.テつ We're getting anxious.テつ But I think we're well‑prepared.テつ Excited for an opportunity to go out and show what we can do.

Q.テつ Boise State has a similar offense to your offense.テつ Play calling will obviously be different.テつ You have gone against key athletes.テつ Does that help your confidence knowing you've been able to go against them all year long?
JARED TEVIS:テつ Yeah, every day in practice we go against good players, elite players.テつ We're used to it.テつ Throughout all PAC‑12 play, we're playing great opponents.
I think that definitely prepares us for a game like this.テつ We have another good opponent in front of us with a good quarterback.テつ It's not something we haven't done before.テつ But you obviously have to prepare to do it again.

Q.テつ The countdown for your career, has it started?
JARED TEVIS:テつ Definitely settled in a little bit.テつ I try to stay focused, make sure I end my career the right way.テつ Definitely has crept in.テつ I've reflected a little bit about just how far I've come, what this program has meant to me and my family.テつ It's just a blessing to be in this position.

Q.テつ Talking to your friends 20 years from now, what do you want them to remember?
JARED TEVIS:テつ That we left as champions, man, that's what I want to look back and say, that we left the program better than we found it.

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