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December 29, 2014

Tanner Ross


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions.

Q.テつ How important is it against Arizona with the fast tempo?
TANNER VALLEJO:テつ It's important because they're going to be the fastest all season.テつ Our practices have been faster.テつ Should be a huge challenge, but we should be good.

Q.テつ 48 hours from the game, defensive mindset right now.テつ How are you feeling?
TANNER VALLEJO:テつ We're feeling good.テつ We had two great practices out here, to go along with the practices we had before we got out here.
We just have to go out today and kind of just finish it off.テつ We have not had as physical of a practice, but more into the details.

Q.テつ How do you feel conditioning‑wise?
TANNER VALLEJO:テつ I think we're doing pretty well.テつ Everyone seems like they're didn't just go home and party.テつ They actually worked out, ran, when they went home for Christmas because we knew there was a big game coming up.
We know they're going to wear us out, but we'll be ready.

Q.テつ What is the key to stopping them?
TANNER VALLEJO:テつ Doing your job, the little things.テつ That's what we've been doing the past couple weeks.テつ We've been holding teams to under 20 points.
If we're the better defense on the 31st, better than their defense, then we'll win the game.

Q.テつ When you see the Fiesta Bowl trophies down there, what kind of motivation is that for you guys?
TANNER VALLEJO:テつ It's a big motivation.テつ You see it before the season starts.テつ Gets you to where you want to be.テつ We have the opportunity to bring the trophy back and that's what we're going to try to do.

Q.テつ (Question regarding free time.)
TANNER VALLEJO:テつ I've only been to one bowl.テつ But yesterday we had free time.テつ Yesterday we went to the Yard House.テつ Curfew is getting lower because we're getting closer to game day.
Yesterday I hit the sack pretty early because I was tired.テつ I had to get up and do the media yesterday.テつ I was kind of worn out.テつ Had an early morning.テつ Just been watching film and stuff, honestly.テつ Trying to make it as normal of a week as possible.

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