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December 29, 2014

Grant Hedrick


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions.

Q.テつ Grant, this is a big bowl game for you guys.テつ There was a little bit of a lack of success the last couple years.テつ What does it feel like to be in such a bowl game?
GRANT HEDRICK:テつ It's nice, especially for this senior class, to finish this season out the way it has gone.テつ The last couple years we haven't met our expectations.
To be in this position, I know it's a great opportunity.テつ I know we're excited about it.

Q.テつ How has it been with Coach Harsin under his first year?
GRANT HEDRICK:テつ It's been great.テつ He recruited me here.テつ My first year was when he left to Texas.テつ I had a previous relationship with him.テつ It's been great.
He's brought a lot of energy to our program.テつ His offensive mind has really been the backbone of our success on offense.テつ It's been great having him and the staff he brought in.テつ Just that new energy really sparked this program.

Q.テつ What was your experience in your own growth?
GRANT HEDRICK:テつ Waited a long time to be in this position.テつ That experience that I got of being patient, watching other guys, taking good notes in meetings, trying to gain that experience by not actually taking the physical reps was something that I benefited from.
It's hard when you're not actually out there.テつ But having guys in front of you like Kellen and Joe, guys you look up to, watch for a while, it's nice, makes it easier when you finally get your shot.

Q.テつ After the Mountain West championship this year, it's tough to make it all the way through.テつ What kind of things are you looking forward to for the future?
GRANT HEDRICK:テつ Just finishing this game strong, for sure.テつ Winning this game for this senior class would mean a lot for what we've been through since we've been here.
Leading the program into spring ball and a bowl win is huge.テつ We didn't win the bowl last year.テつ It was pretty miserable in the off‑season.
To get this program going in the right direction would be the biggest goal for this senior class.

Q.テつ Boise State fans are ridiculously crazy sometimes.テつ What was the feeling you got, the support you got from the fans post the Mountain West win?
GRANT HEDRICK:テつ It's been great.テつ I've never been a part of anything like that.テつ I didn't realize how many people supported us till after that game.
We hold up the Mountain West trophy, and the whole blue field is covered in fans.テつ That just goes to show you the type of community support we have there.テつ I think it's one of the best in the country.
They have our backs win or lose.テつ That doesn't happen anywhere.

Q.テつ Are you a little bit happy with the weather here?
GRANT HEDRICK:テつ It's nice.テつ Everybody is saying it's kind of cold, but it's warm to us.

Q.テつ (Question about strategy.)
GRANT HEDRICK:テつ Just watching Arizona previously in the year, they got a great offense, but their defense is great, too.テつ Got just a really great team.
Could be a shootout the way they've been playing, the way we've been playing.テつ Could come down to the last possession.

Q.テつ (Question about a possibly tight game.)
GRANT HEDRICK:テつ You see that with high‑powered offenses coming in, they get a month off, they could be a little bit stale.
Even with this time out, we have to come out, get fast early, get into a rhythm, not let that happen.

Q.テつ How do you try to get the momentum going?
GRANT HEDRICK:テつ I think we have to execute.テつ I think some teams try to do a little too much in these big games.テつ We got to keep doing what got us here.テつ That starts with Jay running the ball well, our offensive line blocking well, then we can go from there.
Taking care of the football is going to be huge.テつ Turnovers are big in bowl games.テつ Then just executing and just doing our game plan to the best of our ability.

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