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December 29, 2014

D.J. White


Q.  Did you ride the jet ski for the first time?
DJ WHITE:  Yeah, first time on the jet ski for the first time.  That was a lot of fun.

Q.  Were you trying to be careful?
DJ WHITE:  I was trying to be careful because I didn't want to fall off and hit the jelly fish.

Q.  There was a lot of jelly fish?
DJ WHITE:  A lot of jelly fish out there, like a whole patch of them at one point.

Q.  They were pretty big?
DJ WHITE:  I didn't see them, but from what I've heard, there was just so many of them.

Q.  What's been the personal experience like down here in Miami?
DJ WHITE:  It's been really fun.  This is my first time coming down to Miami just to kind of enjoy the weather and kind of enjoy the area.  It's been pretty cool getting out to the beach with the teammates and just having a good time.

Q.  What's been the highlight?
DJ WHITE:  Easily the jet skis.  That was my first time on those, too.  Man, it was a lot of fun, a lot of fun.

Q.  Scary?
DJ WHITE:  Yeah, yeah, it was.  At first I had to kind of psych myself up to go faster.  I was going too slow at first.  Very fun, a little scary at first, but it was cool.  A lifetime experience for sure.

Q.  Well, so far in your bowl experience, you're not a senior like some of these other guys, but you know what the bowl life is like.  I would assume this one ranks at the top so far?
DJ WHITE:  Easily, easily.  No disrespect to the other bowls we've been to, but I don't think there's nothing like playing in Miami and getting a chance to enjoy that weather.

Q.  Mississippi State, when you watch them on film, do they remind you of anybody you've faced so far this year, their offense?
DJ WHITE:  I guess in some ways they're kind of similar to a Georgia Southern with them spreading you out and running the ball as they do, but they do have better athletes.  Their quarterback is the best quarterback we've seen up to this point.  They're a good team, a good offense.  They're going to want to start the run first and then pass after that.

Q.  With having a quarterback that everyone says is cliché, but dual threat, what does that do to you defensively?  How much more locked in do you have to be when you're facing a dual threat guy versus someone like Jameis Winston who's just likely to drop back and throw?
DJ WHITE:¬† Yeah, well, both guys are equally effective as far as winning games, but as far as preparing for obviously a dual threat guy, just having to account for him scrambling at any time.¬† You can be 3rd down and long and he can scramble and make a 1st down, which is a big play in the game.¬† Stuff you don't necessarily have to worry about with a non‑scrambler, so yeah, I would say that.

Q.  You've had some pretty big plays this year.  Take us through your favorite play.  I mean, it's got to be the Georgia pick, right?
DJ WHITE:  Easily, easily.  Absolutely the Georgia pick, big game, big rival.  Like I said before, something I've grown up watching.  Just that play, man, being in man coverage, being able to block the ball and go get it and seal the deal for our team is something I'll never forget.

Q.  Have you had any dreams about that play since then?
DJ WHITE:  I haven't.  I haven't.  It's funny, I've been so focused on the next game, I haven't had a chance to sit back and soak it in yet, but it's definitely been like something that I'll cherish.

Q.  Florida State, what was your assessment of the defense, because you guys struggled a little bit.  Seems like the front seven struggled getting pressure and of course that puts a lot of pressure on the secondary?
DJ WHITE:  Yeah, it does, it really does, but you have to give credit to the offensive line.  I feel like that's the best offensive line we've faced this year, one of the best in the country, easily, very athletic and strong.  They kind of did give us problems a little bit up front, but at the end of the day, man, it's a team deal.  That's why you've got to kind of stand your ground longer in the secondary and give the front guys time to get there.

Q.  Hopefully that won't be the case against Mississippi State.  Some adjustments being made for the Bulldogs?
DJ WHITE:¬† Absolutely, absolutely.¬† I've said this before, too.¬† Our D‑line has gotten better each week.¬† I feel like they've gotten better just over the course of this bowl preparation, so that's going to help us out in the secondary.

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