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December 28, 2014

Mickey Baucus


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ What is the focus right now?テつ Have you forgotten about that game?
MICKEY BAUCUS:テつ I mean, I guess the game is kind of a little in the back of our minds as fuel.テつ In football, you got to have a short memory.テつ We know that's not who we are.テつ We've showed it all season.
We take pride in playing hard for 60 minutes.テつ Honestly in that game we didn't do that.テつ We came out, we weren't physical, we weren't fast, we weren't executing.テつ Sometimes it was one guy here, one guy there.テつ But you need all 11 guys on the same page to make it work, and we didn't do that.

Q.テつ What stands out to you about Boise State?
MICKEY BAUCUS:テつ They're a bunch of tough, hard‑nosed football players.テつ They play with great pad level.テつ They all have great motors.テつ They're great at shedding blocks once they're engaged.テつ They're not afraid to be physical.テつ Kind of everything you want in a football player, at least a defensive player, they've got.
Really going to have to come out and execute well to be able to move the ball on these guys.

Q.テつ Their pursuit to the ball, does that jump out to you in film?
MICKEY BAUCUS:テつ Yeah, it's as good if not better than any team we've played this season.テつ In a lot of ways I feel like personnel‑wise they resonate a lot like us.
They're guys who not a lot of people wanted out of high school, have a chip on their shoulders.テつ I feel like a lot of us have that same mentality.

Q.テつ You've been in this program for a while.テつ What is it like for you as a senior?テつ Did you ever think you would get here?
MICKEY BAUCUS:テつ Obviously this was the goal.テつ I always thought we had the talent to do it.テつ All the guys we had back in the day, we could play; it was just all about putting it all together.テつ This season we've really been able to put it all together.
Just all the work we put in in the weight room, in the film room, out on the field, conditioning, speed and agility work, it's all come into play at some point in the season, especially close games, getting those tough wins.

Q.テつ What would it mean to you as a senior to end your career winning this game?
MICKEY BAUCUS:テつ It would be really special.テつ I couldn't ask for anything more.
If we win this game, I believe we'll be ranked somewhere in the top 10.テつ That's only happened two or three times in Arizona history, I think.
We'd just be a special group, put this team down as special in history.テつ Last two years we were 8‑5, which are good seasons, but there's a whole other level.テつ Winning this game, I feel like we'll be in that conversation.

Q.テつ The backfield, opposite of you, freshmen, not a lot of experience.テつ Do you find yourself looking back on the season kind of surprised, considering that they are so young?
MICKEY BAUCUS:テつ Not really.テつ We expect our guys to come in and compete.テつ If you're not physically ready or mentally ready, the most you can do is compete.
Those guys came into camp just ready to play football and win a job.テつ They were physically and mentally ready.テつ So I guess I'm not that surprised just 'cause however the program has evolved, everyone should be expected to play.
If you want to come in and get redshirted, you don't think you're ready, you don't come out and want to compete, then Arizona's not the place for you.
All the guys on our team are like that, and that's why we've had so much success this season.

Q.テつ What about Anu specifically has allowed him to be so successful?
MICKEY BAUCUS:テつ Part of it is spending time in the film room, weight room, training room.テつ I think he's had some injuries this season, but he's been able to battle through them.テつ That's the other part, his mental makeup:テつ he's tough.
Things haven't always gone his way for him this season, but he's battled through it and been able to be successful regardless of all that stuff.

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