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December 28, 2014

Calvin Magee


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Talk about being here.
COACH MAGEE:テつ It's fun, exciting to be here, to be at the Fiesta Bowl again.テつ I was blessed enough, lucky enough to be here in '07.テつ It was a great time, a great game, great festivity.
It's good to be back with this team.テつ We excited to play Boise.

Q.テつ What stands out to you about your opponents?
COACH MAGEE:テつ They play great team defense.テつ They play hard.テつ They play aggressive.テつ They don't back down.
It's going to be a good challenge for us.

Q.テつ What is it about their personnel, the way they do things?
COACH MAGEE:テつ When you look at them, they got individually good players, but they all play hard.テつ All 11 guys rally to the ball.テつ They take opportunities to get turnovers, and they're aggressive.
They're going to play to the whistle.テつ That's what we try to get our guys to do.テつ They play to the whistle and rally around each other.

Q.テつ Do you have to pay attention to who is in the game?
COACH MAGEE:テつ Positions are positions, no matter who is in.テつ You have to pay attention.テつ We try to do it with our skill guys.テつ So we'll be aware of certain people.テつ But there's still 11 guys that are going to line up in the same spots and do the same things.
That's what they do well, play a lot of guys, keep them fresh, they play hard.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
COACH MAGEE:テつ He's a student of the game.テつ Paid a lot of attention when he was a freshman.テつ Student of BJ.テつ He's calm, got that even keel about himself, don't get too high, don't get too low.テつ That helps him.
He's gotten better throughout the course of the season.テつ Now with some extra practices in, he'll continue to improve.テつ He's a calm customer that continues to improve.

Q.テつ How much do you throw at him?
COACH MAGEE:テつ As the season went, he started getting it.テつ Early on, we kept it scaled back.テつ We've added stuff every week.テつ He's been able to handle that.テつ It's great to see him handle that.
He has his days when it all catches up with him.テつ We slow him back down, get him going again.テつ He's mature for a redshirt freshman.テつ He paid attention last year.

Q.テつ First time Arizona has been on this stage in almost 20 years.テつ The bar is high for a freshman.
COACH MAGEE:テつ That's a good thing.テつ We have more to shoot for.
But we have.テつ He's done it game by game.テつ I don't know if he set goals at the beginning of the season, but I know he's performing well for us in running our system.
I just heard about his records.テつ We just go week‑to‑week, just get ready for the next game.テつ It's been good to see it all come together for him.

Q.テつ (Question regarding injuries.)
COACH MAGEE:テつ I don't answer any injury questions, so that will be answered tomorrow.

Q.テつ What has it been like having that dynamic duo back there of freshmen?
COACH MAGEE:テつ It's been great.テつ They've grown together.テつ Same with Nick as in Anu, Nick got better each week.テつ He came in hungry, wanted to play.テつ He paid attention to Terris Jones‑Grigsby early on.
That's been a good one‑two punch all season.テつ We thought going into recruiting with him, he could replace Ka'Deem.テつ He's done a great job doing that.

Q.テつ You've been with Coach Rodriguez for a while now.テつ You find guys that fit your style and system.テつ How are you so successful with that?
COACH MAGEE:テつ A lot of film study, identifying the guys we think can do the things we run.テつ To be honest with you, it's been all different types of backs, all different types of receivers.テつ We've have them small and quick, we've had them big and tall.
We truly believe in getting OKGs, our kind of guys.テつ If we find a kid, think he can run our system, that's what we go after.

Q.テつ How key has the offensive line been to your success?
COACH MAGEE:テつ Tremendous.テつ It's been the key to it.テつ Those guys have played a lot of ballgames.テつ Two tackles been four‑year starters.テつ Has a center who is the glue to what we do, Steven Gurrola.テつ Lene played a lot in the five spot.

Q.テつ Finishing well, how was that heading into the final?
COACH MAGEE:テつ We're motivated every week, but it's the next game, honestly.テつ I know it's coach speak, but it's the next game.テつ Win or lose, we put it away after a day or two.テつ We focus on our next opponent once it's announced.
Naturally, we learn something from every game.テつ But as far as motivation, we learn something from every game.

Q.テつ How exciting is it to play Boise State?
COACH MAGEE:テつ It's great.テつ The fans can get here without a whole lot of hassle.テつ It's good to play in your home state, plus it's a great bowl.テつ The Fiesta Bowl is one of the bowls we excited to be at.

Q.テつ Does the Boise State brand scare you a little bit?
COACH MAGEE:テつ Unless my memory serves me wrong, the year we played Oklahoma here in the Fiesta Bowl, I think they played them the year before, maybe '06, '07.テつ We watched a lot of Boise film already.
No surprise when you move up to 2010.テつ Then you watch the film this year, playing the same hard‑nosed football.テつ You notice Boise anyway.テつ A good football team.

Q.テつ What would a victory in this game do for the Arizona program?
COACH MAGEE:テつ Well, first of all, it would be winning your last game.テつ You always want to try to go into the off‑season with that feeling and build off that.
The other thing is you're excited for these kids who believed in what we were doing, dove in.テつ It would be great to send our seniors off with a victory, momentum going into the next season.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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