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December 28, 2014

Quincy Adeboyejo

Justin Bell

Jaylen Walton


MODERATOR:  The second session is with student‑athletes Justin Bell, Jaylen Walton and Quincy Adeboyejo, and I need credit for getting that the right the first time.
We'll go into opening statements, Justin, starting with you.  Talk about what your Bowl experience has been like so far this week.
JUSTIN BELL:  My Bowl experience this week has been amazing.  This is my first time getting in to see the city of Atlanta.  I'm enjoying everything.  I feel like the Peach Bowl staff and the committee has been doing a great job to help heighten my experience.
MODERATOR:  Jaylen, what about you?
JAYLEN WALTON:  My experience has been great also.  I enjoyed Dave & Buster's, though we didn't win.  It's all right.  The food's been good.  I like to eat.  The food has been good.  And the hospitality of Georgia, it's all been fun.
MODERATOR:  Quincy, what about you?
QUINCY ADEBOYEJO:  I think I've been having a great week so far.  Me and my teammates, we've been bonding and having a good time.  Like Justin said, the staff is really nice and have been taking care of us.
MODERATOR:  We'll jump into questions.

Q.  Quincy, how do you feel your role has grown with now Laquon and Vince both out?
QUINCY ADEBOYEJO:  Probably a lot.  Those were our starting receivers at the beginning of the year.  They're both down.  Honestly, I have to step up and do what those guys can do.

Q.  You and Markell and Cody, could this be an opportunity for you to show your talents and display what you're capable of?
QUINCY ADEBOYEJO:  For the most part, yeah, we know that those guys went down, and stepping up is a big thing for us.  We've been instilling that in our head since Laquon went down.  And when Vince went down, we knew we had to compete even more.

Q.  Justin, what is it like having guys relatively healthy on the offensive line going into the game?
JUSTIN BELL:  Feels great.  Roderick Taylor stepped up.  I feel we're not losing much even though Aaron is down.  Not taking anything away from Aaron.  Just says a lot about Roderick Taylor, how he stepped up.  He plays with passion and helps us out tremendously.  It makes it a more enjoyable experience, getting a young guy in there and knowing he's going to play 60 minutes, give it everything he has.

Q.  Quincy, following up on that question, the competition at slot receiver was close in August.  Can you talk about your year individually, where you were in August and how you think you've grown?
QUINCY ADEBOYEJO:  From camp, I feel like I've came a long way confidence‑wise and just being more confident in myself.  That was the main thing that I was lacking was confidence in myself.  Once I gained that, I feel like I've gotten a lot better as a player.
MODERATOR:  Quincy, we had Evan in here a few minutes ago, and he basically said he was faster than you.
QUINCY ADEBOYEJO:  He said he was faster than me?
MODERATOR:  That's what he said.
QUINCY ADEBOYEJO:  I don't know, but I'll let him go with that.
MODERATOR:  Are you disputing that?
QUINCY ADEBOYEJO:  Yeah, I'm disputing that.
MODERATOR:  Okay.  Can we get Evan back in here please?

Q.  Jaylen, with like a month between Mississippi State and this game, do you feel like you can carry momentum with this game or with the month off, it's a standalone type, as far as momentum goes?
JAYLEN WALTON:  I think I can carry pretty well.  I'm trying to take advantage of my opportunities.  Whenever a play needs to be made, I just want to make it.  Whenever it's time for me to carry the ball for the team, I want to make sure I get more yards after contact or with contact and just give it 110 percent every time I touch the ball.

Q.  Justin, you guys haven't gone consistently as fast as you can all season.  How fast do you think you can go if you need to pull that out later this week?
JUSTIN BELL:  We can still go as fast as we've been going.  I think we've been slowing it down a little bit to give us more time to read defenses and read certain tendencies of our defenders as well as give the quarterback a little bit more time to see the protection and change the protection if need be.  So I feel like us slowing it down has helped us out.  But at the same time, we can speed it up if we have to.  We have no problem doing that.
MODERATOR:  Thank you.

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