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December 27, 2014

Jared Tevis


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
JARED TEVIS:テつ I was a little disappointed 'cause I was excited to get that scholarship.テつ Things work out how they do.テつ When coach came in there, we had spring ball the next spring, he gave me the opportunity to prove myself.テつ Showed what I could do.
Probably when I started getting their attention, one of the fullbacks hit me in the hole, and that's when they realized I had the physicality to be playing on the field, playing at a high level.テつ That's probably when I first got that recognition.

Q.テつ Do you remember which coach was around and saw that hit?
JARED TEVIS:テつ I don't know.テつ Coach Gibson, he was around at that time.テつ I think he took notice first.テつ I was out there trying to lay people out every practice.テつ Back when CoachRodriguez first got there, camp was camp.テつ We were in full pads every day.テつ He was trying to see what kind of players he had.テつ We were out there hitting every day.
I think Coach Gibson was the first one to take notice.

Q.テつ Were you ever nervous about, What if I never got this scholarship?
JARED TEVIS:テつ No, man.テつ Honestly, I didn't.テつ I just stayed focused on my journey.テつ I knew I could accomplish great things if I put my mind to it.テつ I wasn't really worried about if things didn't work out.
But not just walk‑ons.テつ You come in and you see a lot of scholarship players leave.テつ So it's a cool experience to be at this point, be in the Fiesta Bowl, be with some of my brothers I've been with the last five years.テつ It's kind of the trial by fire.
Some of the toughest players made it out.テつ That's what makes this unit so strong, this team strong.

Q.テつ What have your conversations been like with your brother?
JARED TEVIS:テつ Since I convinced them to root for us, a little more relaxed.テつ I'm kind of mad because he was thinking about throwing on a Boise State hat.テつ He's going to wear my jersey, though.

Q.テつ The blue one?
JARED TEVIS:テつ The blue one from the New Mexico Bowl.

Q.テつ Did he ever consider Arizona?テつ How did his recruitment play out?
JARED TEVIS:テつ Coach Stoops and them, they didn't end up offering him a scholarship, but he was definitely interested in Arizona.
As I say, things work out how they're supposed to.テつ He ended up in the right spot.テつ Had a great career at Boise State, had a lot of success.テつ Things worked out how they were supposed to.

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