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December 27, 2014

Shane Williams-Rhodes


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  (No microphone.)
SHANE WILLIAMS‑RHODES:  I don't control what the defense does, but I know we got to go out there and score some points.

Q.  Did you get home for Christmas?
SHANE WILLIAMS‑RHODES:  I did.  It was good.  I stayed with my mom.  I don't think I left her side the whole time I was home.

Q.  How is it being down here, getting settled in yesterday?  Kind of a buzz among the team?
SHANE WILLIAMS‑RHODES:  Just really can't believe that you're here.  It's a great feeling that we're here and we're getting this opportunity to play in this game.

Q.  How do you walk the line between enjoying yourself here and getting ready to play the game?
SHANE WILLIAMS‑RHODES:  It's really knowing why you're here.  You can go out and have a good time, but also remember that you don't go out there, put the poisons in your body, stuff like that.
You're here to win the game, wake up the next morning, go to practice, be detailed and focused.  You want to keep the main thing the main thing.

Q.  You haven't full practiced since Monday.  Going to be strange to go out there today?
SHANE WILLIAMS‑RHODES:  Yeah.  But I also think it will be a pretty good practice knowing we've already been through a whole week of practice through the techniques and schemes that we've already had.
I think we should have a good day today.

Q.  Anything you're looking forward to other than the games?
SHANE WILLIAMS‑RHODES:  I just want to enjoy the process.  That's what coach tells us.  I want to enjoy the bowl experience, go out there and try to win the game.

Q.  Mountain West championship, did you touch the ball in this game?
SHANE WILLIAMS‑RHODES:  I got the touchdown that got called back.  Other than that, no, I didn't.  I think it was just that one.

Q.  Did that make you hungrier for this one?
SHANE WILLIAMS‑RHODES:  Yeah, it does.  I think that might be the first game I never touched the ball since I've been here.
So, yeah, I want to go out there and make some plays.  It's a big game.  Great players want to go out there and make big plays in big games.
We just spread it around so much.  That's a good thing.  I'm not complaining.  We won the game.  I had no problem (smiling).

Q.  You're not the biggest guy out there, take a little beating.  End of the season, how are you feeling?
SHANE WILLIAMS‑RHODES:  I seem to not really take too many hits.  I don't know how.  I seem to always either, like, barely get grazed and stuff like that when I get hit.  That's good.
I feel much better this year than I did last year because I feel like I took a lot more hits last year because I think I got the ball a little bit more.
I think we do a great job, our staff does a good job of helping us rehabbing our bodies.  You can tell at the end of the season that we've done that versus last year when we didn't do that.

Q.  Grant had to fight through some turmoil this year.  Senior leader on this team.  What's enabled him to fight through all that in September and get you guys here?
SHANE WILLIAMS‑RHODES:  I think he stepped up.  When we needed him, he came through.  Everyone has a bad game.  He had a bad game, the next week he comes out and he executes very well.
We never had any doubts about him.  Everyone has bad games; it happens.  I think he did a great job of stepping up when we needed him.  He came in on time.  Appreciate him.
He definitely had a chip on his shoulder and had something to prove to everyone.  That's what he went out there and played like.  He did a great job.
I think he did exactly what he wanted to do.

Q.  Going into the season, the leadership, how did you see him grow as a leader?
SHANE WILLIAMS‑RHODES:  Grant actually started talking a little bit this season ‑ something you probably never heard him do other than an interview.  He took a step into being more of a vocal leader.

Q.  What do you need that for out of your quarterback?
SHANE WILLIAMS‑RHODES:  I mean, we know he's quiet.  Sometimes you need the quarterback to step up, talk to everybody.  We respect him so much because he's such a great guy.  He's the kind of guy you want to be your quarterback.  If he says anything, we're in line ready to salute, you know.
It's great to hear him actually like step up and say something versus him just always being quiet back there.

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