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December 19, 2014

Matthew Fitzpatrick


Q.  After two days not too far away from the leaders.  Are you happy with where you are?
MATT FITZPATRICK:  Yeah, could have been a lot better both days really.  Obviously I'm sure everyone can say that, but today really frustrating, just struggled with clubbing a bit and didn't really hit it as close as we'd like.  Sort of hitting it nicely.  And yesterday was the same thing, just hit it a lot better yesterday, as well.  Just didn't hole any putts.  But it's a good two days, plenty to build on here for the weekend, and not too far away.  Actually higher up than I thought I would be.

Q.  Would you sort of try to maybe go at some pins tomorrow?
MATT FITZPATRICK:  Yeah, maybe.  Just going to have to see, really.  The pins might be a bit trickier tomorrow and Sunday.  They might firm the greens up, as well.  In that case it's definitely not easy to go for the greens.  So yeah, we'll see.

Q.  Were the conditions this afternoon a little bit blustery out on the course?
MATT FITZPATRICK:  Yeah, yeah, it did get up a little bit the last two, three holes, but no, it was quite nice and still early on.

Q.  All in all are you enjoying Dubai?
MATT FITZPATRICK:  Yeah, loving it.  Absolutely love it here.  It's such a great place, and there's everything you could wish to do.  The weather is perfect every day.  Yeah, great, absolutely very proud to be a Golf in Dubai ambassador.

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