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December 13, 2014

Gwladys Nocera


GWLADYS NOCERA:テつ The Money List was‑‑ I could win the Money List I heard only last week, which was a shame.テつ I wished I had learned before.テつ Today I just didn't play well, didn't make a putt.テつ Disappointing.

Q.テつ You scored four under par rounds for the week.テつ So it was good golf considering it's a testing course out there.
GWLADYS NOCERA:テつ Yeah, as I said, I'm playing really well.テつ Just the putts didn't drop.テつ That's the difference between the people who shoot really good scores and the ones who shot like decent scores.テつ Like the putts don't drop.

Q.テつ Do you look back like you had a really good season, but it's disappointing, as well?
GWLADYS NOCERA:テつ What's disappointing is I didn't play well in the Majors.テつ For me that's the biggest disappointment.テつ I finished 12th at the British, played really well.テつ That was really good, a really good result for me, but I didn't play well in Evian.
I played okay in the U.S. Open but I had one bad hole that cost me basically.テつ The season on a whole is nice and finishing second on the Money List is good.テつ My coach was here the whole week, so he got to see how I play, and I think we will have a good chat and see how it works for next year for doing good in the Majors.テつ That's the whole point.

Q.テつ You needed a top four and Charley to fall back to 30th, was that too much to ask this weekend?
GWLADYS NOCERA:テつ Well, I knew Charley was going to play well, so I didn't count on her to not finish in the Top‑10.テつ I knew she was going to play well.テつ It was my job to do better and to do the best I could, and I didn't do it.

Q.テつ Having won it in 2008, Order of Merit, what feeling is it like?テつ Is it good for Charley to win the tournament, win that race at this stage in her career?テつ Good for European golf?
GWLADYS NOCERA:テつ Yeah, it's going to be awesome.テつ When I won, they didn't take the people out of the exemption list and everything.テつ For her it's going to be really cool and I'm sure she's going to win plenty more.

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