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December 10, 2014

Becky Brewerton


BECKY BREWERTON:テつ To go no bogeys is always very nice.テつ I haven't had one of those for a very long time.テつ Played really well and every part of my game was on, hitting the fairways.テつ I think my longest birdie putt was on the last and that was 35 feet, so very happy.

Q.テつ Did you see this round coming yesterday?
BECKY BREWERTON:テつ Yeah, actually I played quite well in the Pro‑Am.テつ I've got Jamie Spence caddying for me this week, plays on The Seniors Tour and done some really good work with him actually.テつ He's been a bit of a mentor to me the last 12 months, so I think it was quite comforting having him out there.テつ He sees the shot in obviously a player sort of way, as well.テつ Any time I was in doubt, he came through and just made me really confident.

Q.テつ You started to play well again, especially in certain rounds you're playing well again and you haven't quite finished it off yet.テつ In Sweden you were doing well.テつ Do you feel like you're coming back to your best?
BECKY BREWERTON:テつ Yeah, it's been coming for a few months.テつ It's just I've been lacking confidence in tournament and that's the bit I've found hard to get back.テつ But I'm getting that now and I'm kind of over the fears that you feel when you're really struggling.テつ Yeah, feeling very good.

Q.テつ Bet you can't wait to tee off tomorrow.
BECKY BREWERTON:テつ Yeah, I wish I was going out again early but I've got to wait until tomorrow afternoon.テつ It will be nice to have a rest, actually, when it's hot and do some practice this afternoon and relax, and be able to go out and have a nice night to night and enjoy the round.

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