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December 10, 2014

Gwladys Nocera


Q.テつ After last week, you really put yourself in the running for the Order of Merit.テつ How do you feel it went out there today?
GWLADYS NOCERA:テつ It went good.テつ I played really consistently.テつ I hit 17 greens.テつ I made some good putts.テつ I didn't make some, but overall, I'm pretty happy.テつ I'm good and playing well.テつ I was tired yesterday.テつ Winning a tournament, flying, everything, was a bit tiring, but today I played really well so I'm pretty pleased.

Q.テつ Playing with Charley, your rival.テつ Any mind games or were you just concentrating on yourself?
GWLADYS NOCERA:テつ No, really nothing.テつ I just want to enjoy the week.テつ It's one of my favourite events.テつ I love the course.テつ It suits my game and to me, the most important is to enjoy the moment, whatever comes on Sunday comes.テつ Charley is playing really well and she's doing her job and I'm doing mine, and we'll see Saturday night.

Q.テつ You know what you have to do, if you finish first, even if she finishes second, it's yours.
GWLADYS NOCERA:テつ Yeah, on paper it seems easy and it looks really good.テつ You know, it doesn't only depend on me.テつ There's a lot of players here who wants to win.テつ All I have to do is play my game, no thinking, no plan, no hopes, just play.

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