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December 9, 2014

Charley Hull


THE MODERATOR:テつ I'd like to welcome Charley Hull back to Dubai.テつ Your second time playing the OMEGA Dubai Ladies Masters, and you're now leading the LET Order of Merit.テつ How excited are you to get going in this tournament?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it.テつ I just flew in last night, so a bit jet‑lagged, from America.テつ But I'm really looking forward to it.テつ I'm playing the Pro‑Am this afternoon, so I'm excited to go out and see the golf course.テつ I have good memories from last year, because I played quite well and I won Rookie of the Year.
So hopefully another good finish to the season.
THE MODERATOR:テつ You've had a fantastic season so far, and your first victory in Morocco.テつ Do you have high expectations this week?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Yeah, I just want to go out there, play one shot at a time and finish on a good week.テつ It would be great if I could get a win in, but just one shot at a time and see if I can not be too tired.

Q.テつ And how are you going to stay from that additional pressure you might get this week from the media?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ I have my sister with me here this week.テつ It's the first time my dad has not come.テつ I'm staying on extra for a few days' holiday.テつ I'm just going to sunbathe and forget about the world.

Q.テつ Just the fact that you've got the job done when you needed to last year, does that fill you with confidence going into this week and does that give you the platform that you feel you can get the job done?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Yeah, I've had a few good tournaments to end the season with so far this year.テつ I finished in the Top‑10 and had a second a few weeks ago.テつ I'm confident with the form that I've come into this event with, and knowing this golf course from last year.
I heard there's a few changes out there, but yeah, having some good memories from last year will definitely help me around here.テつ I haven't got as much time to prepare for this tournament obviously but probably seeing it fresh won't do me too much harm thinking about it so much.

Q.テつ You're paired with Gwladys the first two rounds.テつ Is that a good thing given that you two are in contention for the title?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Yeah, I don't mind playing with Gwladys.テつ It doesn't bother me too much.テつ I played with Holly last year because we were fighting for the Rookie.テつ But yeah, with Gwladys, it's no problem.テつ I'm not playing here.テつ I'm playing the golf course and the rest of the players in the field.テつ So I'm just going to go out there and have fun.

Q.テつ Does it help make the focus more better coming from your experience last year?テつ Does it help you focus better if you are playing in the final tournament of the season with the playerwith whom you are in contention?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ I don't know, really.テつ It's probably, you can keep an eye on her, but I don't mind really to be honest.テつ I don't really watch my players too much.テつ
テつテつテつテつテつテつ And again, I wouldn't be bothering too much what she's doing because I'm here to win the tournament, not to beat Gwladys.テつ She won last weekend, and that was a great tournament to win.テつ It shows how much experience she's got, and to win under the pressure, if she gets top four this week, she can walk away with it.
So it will be good fun out there, and you know, it's a game and it should be good fun with the pressure.

Q.テつ Must help a lot to have the experience from last year, similar situation now.テつ Must help quite a lot.
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Yeah, it did, but last year I wasn't too fussed about the Rookie of the Year.テつ And I think that was a good thing because when I won it, I was really happy I won it, so tricking my mind to take the pressure off me was actually quite a smart move that I felt like I made.

Q.テつ Are you tricking the mind this week?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Yeah, a little bit, but I don't think I need to trick my mind because I'm just‑‑ my time zones are a bit out of place, so I'm just going to be relaxing and one shot at a time.テつ So probably won't be as intense.

Q.テつ Could you just describe going from Rookie of the Year to Player of the Year possibly in the next six days, within one year, how exciting it has been and how are you looking forward to the next couple of years?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it, because I haven't played in all the LET events this year because I've been playing some of the other events on the LPGA.テつ But it's been a great journey, especially getting a win out of the way, as well.
Winning that last year and coming in and winning in March pretty much straightaway, it obviously gave me a lot of confidence.テつ It makes you feel good.テつ And you know, for the next few years, if I won the Order of Merit this year, and if going onto next year, it would give me a lot of confidence again.
So I think it would be brilliant to win.

Q.テつ Are you looking forward to the next year to better it?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ How am I looking forward to it‑‑ oh, better.テつ I don't know, just win more tournaments.テつ Win a major.

Q.テつ Just wondered about this week, what would you prefer, to take home the Order of Merit title or win the trophy?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ I'd want to get another win in, because if I won that, I'd win the Order of Merit (laughter) so there you go.

Q.テつ But if you had the choice, would you want to be No. 1 for the season or do you like that buzz of winning that week?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ I like the buzz of winning that week.テつ That's quite fun.テつ I don't know really.テつ I just like winning full‑stop.

Q.テつ Obviously your development and progress the past year, as you've said, it's been phenomenal, so how have you coped with the pressures that have come with that?テつ I'm sure you have to speak to the media a lot more and you have more commitments, how have you handle that had and how difficult has it been to keep your focus?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ I think because from when I was younger, I played in quite a lot of amateur stuff and done well in that, so the media has kind of been gradual, and that's helped me a lot.テつ So I don't feel like it's all of a sudden been piled a lot on me, which has helped me from back then.
You know, I feel‑‑ I have been coping, because I feel like it's a good thing to have my friends to take my mind off golf and not be so switched on all the time.テつ That's definitely helped me.テつ My dad travels with me, and he's here a lot, as well.テつ My dad, he's not just my dad; he's a good friend, so I get on with him, good, as well.
So all bits like that just take the pressure off me.テつ I suppose if you're playing good, it's good if the media are interested, because it shows that you are playing good.
So one without the other, it doesn't really work.テつ So good medias, I suppose; good if you're playing good.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Tell us about your dad.テつ Why is he not here with you this week?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Because he's been a little busy this week‑‑ well, the past few weeks, and my sister just wants to come out to Dubai.テつ So I said come on over and stay on for a few days, a holiday, because I want to get a suntan because I've got really bad golfers tan lines and every time I'm at home I have to get a spray tan and it's really annoying, so hopefully I can get it this week with her.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Is this the first time he hasn't come out to a professional tournament?テつ
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Yes, it's the first time he didn't come out to a professional tournament.テつ He didn't used to come with me a lot with me to amateur tournaments, because I used to go away a lot with England.テつ So it's not like I'm not used to it.
So it's not too bad.テつ And two years ago, he left me in America with Tony Jacklin for like a month and a half.テつ So it's not like I'm not scared of him not knowing my swing or something on the range if I need help, I know how to figure it out.
My coach is actually here with me this week but at the moment he's pretty ill, so he has not been able to come work with me.テつ So it should be a bit frustrating, but I'm going to just go on the range and hit golf balls and go out and not think about my swing.

Q.テつ When you were younger, how big a goal was it to win the European Order of Merit?テつ You must have seen so many others win; how big of an achievement would it be?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Yeah, I think it would be a brilliant achievement.テつ Seeing I think Gwladys has won it quite a few times, so been enjoying watching her win it; and then I come facing her in the final tournament.
But yeah, it would be a big achievement, and to watch it‑‑ I always wanted to win, win anything, again.テつ But the Order of Merit would be special, especially only my second year on Tour.

Q.テつ I understand next year is Solheim Cup, and obviously the last Solheim Cup, you played and people were wondering how well you might do at a relatively young age, and you excelled.テつ Do you think now you could be even better?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Yeah, hopefully I can play more games.テつ It would be a lot of fun.テつ But that Solheim Cup last year, it doesn't even feel a year ago.テつ I can't believe time flies.テつ But yeah, hopefully I can play in all the matches, and hopefully I can get on the team, which looks like I'm getting in at the moment.テつ I just don't think too far ahead.
And it's in Germany, I've played the golf course there.テつ I actually played on it two years ago in an Under 16 event, so it is quite funny to think I've played in an Under 16 event and hopefully I'm in it in the Solheim.テつ It should be a good goal for next year.

Q.テつ Winning rookie and to play back‑to‑back, not too many people have done that.テつ Do you think about history and records as you're going along?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ I don't necessarily think about it going along, but after you achieve it, it's good to look back and think, yeah, I'm really, really proud of doing that.テつ But it would be something nice to do.

Q.テつ I know you said you don't want to look ahead, but let's just look ahead and say you do win the Order of Merit, would that be something that you say, done that, now let's set new goals, or is that something you would want to repeat and repeat?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Well, you would want to repeat it, but other goals, as well.テつ I always set my goals high.テつ If I want to be the best, it's another step to get there.

Q.テつ Majors?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ Mm‑hmm, yeah, definitely.テつ I've been close this year.テつ I played in the Kraft at the beginning of this year and I came seventh.テつ I was in contention in the last round in the British Open, as well.テつ I took a lot from that.

Q.テつ Are the Olympics on the radar at all?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ That would be good to play in‑‑ but it's a ways away‑‑ yeah, still kind of a long way, but it would be brilliant to play in.

Q.テつ Do you think with the qualification, you can build yourself up to that level?
CHARLEY HULL:テつ My World Ranking got to 26 this year, so I think you've got to be inside the top hundred I think.テつ So I'd obviously be in at the moment but hopefully by then I don't have to worry about World Rankings.

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