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December 6, 2014

Marcel Siem


Q.  What are your thoughts on round three and your position at present?
MARCEL SIEM:  A little upset again.  I played with Ross yesterday, today with Danny, shooting 7‑under, we see what's possible.  On the last hole, I thought I hit a perfect shot and it came up ten meters short.  The wind is pretty gusty today.  It swirled around.  I think I hit it like four or five times at the wrong moment and came up short or long.  So I didn't really get rewarded for my good shots today.
But when you look at the scoreboard, I shouldn't be upset actually.  I'm just not happening with the game and what's happening to be honest but when you look at the scoreboard, actually in a pretty good position.
But I think that's the golf course.  I think it's a very, very hard golf course.  You have to be very patient, and you see the scoreboard again, and you see that the other guys are making more mistakes, and it's the fifth major so to say, so I think it's golf like that.

Q.  At the moment presumably you look at the positives, knowing that the leaders in advance, it's a good start for the 2015 season?
MARCEL SIEM:  Definitely.  It's always nice to go out Sunday thinking you have a chance to win the golf tournament.  There's always a chance, you never know what happens, but I'll definitely have any lime green pants I had on in Shanghai and my blue and lime green shirt.  Hope it's going to be a lucky charm again.

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