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December 5, 2014

Marcel Siem


Q.  Thoughts on the day?
MARCEL SIEM:  Strange day.  Total opposite from yesterday.  Started really nicely, and all of us had problems on the golf course today. It was not like yesterday where we fed from each other.  I felt like we never going to finish, and on 16, we felt the whole tournament was over already, everybody's in the clubhouse already.  But they were not.  So we played five hours, two minutes, just had a really long round and we didn't play as well as we did yesterday.  Unfortunately the few chances we had on the back nine didn't drop.
9 and 10 are the key holes and they got me a little upset there.  Made three putts on 9 and on 10, I had a bit of a strange lie just like this on the fairway, didn't make birdie either.  And then all of a sudden, turned into a bogey collector there.  But still good, fifth I saw just now.  Good position for the weekend I think.

Q.  And I take it you found some positions you didn't expect to find on the golf course?  It's tricky when you're off the straight and narrow?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, the shots when you're off‑line, you're dead most of the time.  That's when you make the bogeys.  I tried to hit my fade again, which I really can't find at the moment unfortunately, double‑crossed them and was always left somewhere in the bushes.
Yeah, it's horrible, but that's how it's supposed to be.  On some golf courses, you really get away with so many bad golf shots and you still make birdie.  I don't think it's right, so I don't think you should get penalised for bad shots and that's what's so cool about this golf course.

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