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December 5, 2014

Henrik Stenson


HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, I didn't finish that round in a great way.  Yeah, as you said, happy to be done and not have to come out early tomorrow.
It was never going to be early, early, but at least not have to come out a couple hours early to play one hole or so.
So pleased to get it finished.  Had a pretty good round going, but a stumbles there coming in.  Two costly bogeys on 15, 16, and then most from short range on 17, a putt that I thought was going to go in.
Yeah, anyway, so you're not winning anything on a Friday.  We're still at the races.

Q.  Last two years you scoring average November and December was solid.  How do you explain your late‑season surges?
HENRIK STENSON:  I guess thinking about Santa Claus gets me energized, I guess.  I don't know.  We got some nice events later in the year as well.
I think every player can have stretches where you feel like you're playing better.  I guess in previous years I've done pretty well late in the year.
So why not?
(Golf Channel interview. )

Q.  Normally we talk to guys after they finish play about their round about what's going on.  What's going on right now, Henrik Stenson, is that it's really dark.  There is a big monitor over to our left.  It's really, really dark out there.  Was there ever a time you thought you were not going to finish the second round?
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, we tried to push for it and make a run.  See the guys trying to finish now in the two groups behind us, and it is dark.  It's tough.  It's more do you want to come back to play a couple shots or do you want to get it finished?
It can cost you as well.

Q.  How would you describe the difficult position that a player is in, let's say in Zach and Jordan's case in that final group not wanting to be the guy that says, You know what, I can't see?  We need to come back in the morning.
HENRIK STENSON:  Everybody's got that choice if you don't see.  And then the referees will definitely agree with you at this point.  It's just a matte of if you want to finish or not.
The tricky part for the views when they look on the television it looks like they're playing at night because you open the lens that wide and let whatever light there is in, but you can't really see much.
I finished about 10, 12 minutes ago, and I hardly saw the hole on my putt.

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