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December 4, 2014

Henrik Stenson


Q.  You mind giving me a couple thoughts on your round.  Obviously a pretty good start to the event.
HENRIK STENSON:¬† Yeah, yeah, I was hanging back on the range.¬† I haven't touched a club virtually for a week.¬† I hit a couple balls on Tuesday and played the Pro‑Am yesterday.
Felt pretty good yesterday, but then on the warmup today I started tinkering a little bit and I was hanging back.  I hardly had any time to hit some putts before I went off.
So perfect...

Q.  (Indiscernible.)
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, probably.  I started off a bit iffy, but I kept the score going.  Putter was working fine.  Made some good putts for birdie and hit some good shots out there as well.
I thought I played pretty steady in the end and didn't make too many mistakes.  Yeah, just pulled up on a couple occasions.  I thought the greens were softer today than they were yesterday.

Q.  We had a couple guys saying they were faster, softer but possibly faster.
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, I mean, I thought they were pretty quick yesterday as well.  Just in general felt like they were stopping quick.  You had to watch the backspin a bit more.  They were definitely very receptive, which makes it trickier at times because can't like land ball where you want to.
It had its challenges, but overall, no, happy with the round and with the start, of course.  Glad to be close to the top.

Q.  Best birdie out there today.
HENRIK STENSON:  My best birdie?

Q.  Yeah.
HENRIK STENSON:¬† I made a bomb on 11.¬† Hit an average shot that the wind took left and I was kind of mid‑left on the green and made a good 50‑footer down there for birdie.¬† So, I mean, that was definitely the putt of the day.
Birdie of the day other than that, made a good up and down on 3 as well.  I was short down in the swale and then nice pitch up and made the putt.  Yeah, there were some good birdies in there.

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