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December 4, 2014

Steve Stricker


STEVE STRICKER:テつ It's been three months since I played, so I really didn't know what to expect.テつ But it was a good round, good way to start the tournament.
Didn't strike it great all the way around, but hit some nice quality shots.
I putted it nicely.テつ Got it up and down a few times when I had to to keep the round going.テつ Didn't get into too much trouble, and like I said, made some nice putts.

Q.テつ I don't think we really asked you yesterday, but what's the status of your hip?テつ How have you been able to rehab it?テつ What have you done with it?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ I been rehabbing at home.テつ I got a shot, I don't know, I guess before the Ryder Cup sometime.テつ Maybe September, end of August.テつ Right after the PGA Championship, I think.
I've just been resting it and doing some Pilates and some other little stretches at home.テつ Knock on wood, it feels not too bad.
I've practiced quite a bit the last four or five days, hit quite a few balls, and I made it around today without any pain or anything like that.
It's a good test this next couple weeks to see how it's going to hold up.

Q.テつ Left or right hip?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Actually, we determined, or the doctors determined, that it was a herniated disc in my back, L‑5, which I had problems with a couple years agi in Hawaii.
So just kind of flared up again at the end of last year.テつ So far, so good.

Q.テつ The other question is, one guy out there with a lot of rust is really struggling today; you have a lot of rust and you shoot 5‑under.テつ Not saying you compare yourself to what Tiger is trying to do, but it's different for everybody, isn't it, as far as how you come back?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, it's different for everybody.テつ He's, I'm sure, working on some new things with his new teacher.テつ There is a comfort level with this game, and if you don't have that comfort, it's very difficult to play.
So it'll take some time, I am sure.テつ I didn't come back here with a new swing or new thoughts or anything like that.テつ I came back doing what I've always been doing.テつ For me it's about timing and tempo and working on those things more so than mechanical things in my swing.
It'll be a challenge for Tiger.テつ I'm sure it is for anybody that comes back after a long break.テつ He went through a surgery in there.テつ He's got to get used to the new swing, his new body.テつ I saw him in the locker room today.テつ The guy is fit.テつ You know, he looks good.
So, you know, he'll be fine.テつ This is just the first round.テつ He'll continue to work.テつ He works hard at it and he'll be fine.

Q.テつ Were you surprised by what you did today?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ I've been playing fairly well around here the last few days when I practiced.テつ I got a lot of practice here.テつ I came in Saturday, so I went around here, and, like I said, I didn't hit it great.テつ I didn't put myself in really any bad situations.
But I managed my game well around here today.

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