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December 4, 2014

Zach Johnson


Q.¬† Zach, you're usually a positive guy as you make your way around a PGA TOUR season.¬† You did not have good vibes coming into this week, but here you are at 5‑under par, 67.¬† So what gives?
ZACH JOHNSON:  I didn't have bad vibes, I just had no vibes is really what it boiled down to.  No expectations.  I've had a lot of time off, but I am assuming most of the guys have had some time off.
When you have no expectations you can just go out there, free wheel it, and just hit the ball, chase it, hit it again.
Sometimes that's a good way to approach it.¬† I started making a few putts.¬† Truthfully I made about a five‑footer for bogey on the 4th hole.¬† (Indiscernible.)

Q.  Talked to all 18 guys the last couple days, and let me tell you, this golf course is not easy.  How would you describe this golf course?
ZACH JOHNSON:  It's not easy.  The greens right now, I was talking to (indiscernible).  Those guys, they were rolling it 12.5.  That was when we tee'd off.  My guess is they're probably pushing 13 now.  A lot of undulations.
You have to pay attention to the wind.  (Indiscernible)  Fee tee boxes up, which is nice.
But it's just not easy.  You can't go to the sleep on in golf course.
JOHN BUSH: ¬†Zach, 5‑under par on a very difficult golf course.¬† You have to be pleased.
ZACH JOHNSON:  Yeah, I didn't have many expectations going in.  I had a good range session which kind of felt nice.  Yeah, today was a day of just going out there and having fun and free wheeling it, especially with the start I had.
I still felt good even after 3‑over through four holes.¬† I made a nice bogey on 4 and that's what kind of got me going.

Q.  How many times did you get a chance to play here when you lived in town?
ZACH JOHNSON:  I got asked that question the other day.  Probably no more than six.  We were playing a couple like charity events and obviously coming down and playing with some of the guys.
That was seven to twelve years ago.

Q.  Seems like such a big golf course.  Do you feel like it's...
ZACH JOHNSON:  I've always thought it was big.  Actually, I think since I played it last, prior to this week, I think it got a little bit bigger too on a couple holes.
Yeah, it's a big golf course, but when you get no roll makes it even bigger.¬† Considering the rain we had Monday or Tuesday, it's dried out nicely.¬† There are a few holes you're getting some roll‑out.
Yeah, it plays big.  Tee boxes are up here up on two or three holes, specifically on 2, but I still (indiscernible.)

Q.  Did you feel like it was a course you could compete on?
ZACH JOHNSON:  Well, I like the greens.  I like the speed of the greens.  They're much faster.  I remember I was on the practice putting greens and (indiscernible) asked me, Are they two feet faster?  I'm like (indiscernible).  This morning I got up and they were easily two feet faster than yesterday.
So John (indiscernible) said they were 12 and a half this morning.  With a little bit of wind and whatnot, my guess is they're closer to 13 right now.  Yeah, they're weird.
So to answer your question, with these type of greens I always feel like I have a chance.

Q.  You made a great bogey at 4 you said.

Q.  What went right for you?  Obviously made a lot of birdies coming in.
ZACH JOHNSON:  Yeah, I mean, after that I made a lot of birdies.  I didn't miss a green.  I don't think I missed maybe one fairway.  A lot of positives.
So I just had a lot of great opportunities.¬† Missed about an 8‑ to 10‑footer for eagle.¬† You know, (indiscernible) some putts, too.¬† So you got to look at it ‑‑ two ways to look at it.¬† But I just put myself in a position to make putts.
I got the lines going and really did some good work with my putter the last few days.  Fortunately it's paid off.  It's one day.  (Indiscernible) It wouldn't surprise me, quite honestly.  I mean, I would be upset with it but it wouldn't surprise me.

Q.  How would you say your spiritual beliefs help you on the course in competition?
ZACH JOHNSON:¬† Well, you know, in competition, it's the perspective you have on things.¬† As a Christian, the way I see it, I have been given an opportunity to play a game‑ and it is a game‑ play a sport for a living.¬† Take it as anything more than that then things kind of go askew.
If anything, it takes pressure off.  I shouldn't make the game or the sport or my profession or my vocation any bigger than what it should be.  I want to give it my all because I know it's my responsibility and I've been given I guess you would say a moderate talent to do it, so I'm going to take advantage of that.
Really, it just comes down to perspective.

Q.  Would you say it was something of a higher power last year that helped you out on that last hole?
ZACH JOHNSON:  Well, I don't know if I necessarily believe in that.  I do believe that a lot of practice and fortuitous bounces and I guess you'd say shots or putts.  You know, the way I look at it, I hit two of the most fluke shots back to back.
That being said, I mean, you still got to get over one shot, whether it was good or bad, to get to the next shot.  I don't know if that's(indiscernible) speaking or not.  I don't really look at it that way.  I mean, bottom line is I don't think he cares if I shoot 50 or 8.
JOHN BUSH:  All right, Zach.  Thank you.
ZACH JOHNSON:  Thank you.

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