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December 4, 2014

Marcel Siem


Q.  Talk about the shot to win the car.
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, it's always cool.  Not best golf shot at all for me in my career, but I tried to draw it in and stayed straight and hit the fringe, and yeah, I had a firm bounce to the left and yeah, it was really cool to hole that one.

Q.  I suppose it's the nature of this tournament, there's so many riches on offer, you don't often get one for eagle, would you?
MARCEL SIEM:  That's true.  On the ninth I lipped out my eagle for the nice watch, for the Tag Heuer her watch, and George said that's unbelievable that didn't go in.
On 17, they were moaning that my shot was not as good; did I deserve a car for that shot.  I said, come on guys, I had a chance on 9, so I got a bit of luck back there.

Q.  What are you going to do with it?  Is there somebody at home that wants it?
MARCEL SIEM:  I think I'm not allowed to drive it any ways, so I'm going to give it to my mom.  I wanted to buy a car for my mom after the good season I had this year and she needs a new car.  I said I'm going to buy one, and I think it's a pretty cool car she can drive.

Q.  The good season you're having; it's only a matter of weeks ago you won in China, and then all that wonderful stuff in The Race to Dubai.  You come down here and you've had success in South Africa in the past.  Everything is just coming well at the back end of the year, isn't it?
MARCEL SIEM:  It is.  It's going to be a nice Christmas.  I just hope to have a good start into the season this week here.  It's such a familiar golf tournament here, it's unbelievable.  It's the first time for me, everybody is super friendly.  You have so much time to practice.  It's not busy at all.
Yeah, I just hope it starts developing like I finished the season, all my injuries and everything, I hope I stay healthy and get myself into the Top‑50 in the world soon, or later, and have ten good years following hopefully.

Q.  You said familiar; we are so used to watching this down the years.
MARCEL SIEM:¬† This is always a tournament you watch on telly.¬† I won in Houghton.¬† That was always my favourite golf course in South Africa in a way because it's very tricky, and you need good ball‑striking there.¬† It's not a putting contest.¬† They dig that up unfortunately and redid it, and then we played Leopard Creek and that was for me the No. 1 golf course.¬† This is the new No. 1 for me now.¬† It's really a fantastic golf course.¬† The rough is not up, so if the rough is up, level par is a great round, so this is a good golf course for me then.

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