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December 1, 2014

Nick Perry


CHUCK DUNLAP:  Nick, while we wait on the questions, would you just quickly address Alabama and Missouri facing off on Saturday.
NICK PERRY:  Yeah, we know that they're a great team and that they represent the East.  They definitely deserve to be there, and we're just looking forward to the game because we're going to get their best shot and they're going to get ours as well.

Q.  Nick, to win a game like you guys did against Auburn in kind of a shootout, how beneficial is that for you guys?  You don't want to look ahead too forward, but obviously, you guys will be playing in the postseason and might have to face a team like that with that kind of offense.  How beneficial was it to win a game like that?
NICK PERRY:  It was definitely beneficial to know we can play two different styles of football.  That hit you in the mouth, smash mouth, defense, running the football type of game, and we can play those high scoring type games.  So I think we definitely are ready for whatever in the postseason.

Q.  Nick, this is obviously the second time you'll be playing in the Georgia Dome this year.  When you go back to that West Virginia game until now, what would you say the biggest difference in the defense is from then to now?
NICK PERRY:  I think we're playing more together than we were in the first game.  We had a lot of new guys on the defense.  We definitely improved over the season, and we're a totally new defense, totally new team, and we're just ready to show that Saturday.

Q.  If you go back to that first game, I know they threw a lot on you guys, and in this last game against Auburn, obviously, they threw a lot on you.  What is the secondary's mindset coming into this week given what took place Saturday night?
NICK PERRY:  We know that Saturday wasn't our best game as a unit, and we know that, in order to win this game Saturday, we're going to have to make a lot of improvements.  It's really all on the secondary this Saturday.  We're going to practice hard, and we're going to prepare ourselves for the best shot.

Q.  Nick, I don't know how much film you've been able to watch on Missouri yet, but from that, what have you seen out of Maty Mauk, their quarterback, that can kind of make him dangerous to a defense?
NICK PERRY:  Well, he's a great player.  We just know that he's going to make great plays.  There's really two plays with him, the play that the coach calls and the play that he makes happen when it breaks down.  So we just have to watch out for him, we've got to contain him and just confuse him and throw a lot of different looks at him and just make his day miserable.

Q.  When you look back at the game against Auburn, what exactly was going on with the pass defense Saturday?
NICK PERRY:  I think just a little bit of miscommunication and not playing our right technique.  It really wasn't‑‑ they made a lot of great plays, but we definitely could have prevented some of those if we were in the right call and in the right position for the stop.

Q.  Just a quick followup.  Obviously, your old high school is playing for the state championship.  How do you feel about them going up against Hoover?
NICK PERRY:  I love it.  It brings back the old days from when I was playing a couple years ago.  Prattville and Hoover, in my feeling, that's one of the best rivalries in Alabama high school football.  I'm just glad that Prattville is able to get back to the state game.  I'm definitely rooting for them, and I'll be watching for them.

Q.  Nick, you came in with the same recruiting class with Blake Sims.  How much patience did he have to show during his career?  Just how impressed are you with the way he's kind of handled this season?
NICK PERRY:  Yeah, I came in with Blake, and Blake, he's a great team player.  He made a lot of improvements.  He's played multiple positions on the team, anywhere from safety to running back to receiver, even some special teams.  He waited his time, and he's finally shining.
I'm proud of him, and you still haven't seen his best yet.  So be prepared.

Q.  Nick, you have played in the league a little longer than Missouri's actually been in it.  Just wondering, from what you've seen, do you feel like Missouri gets overlooked?  Do you feel like they're maybe a little under respected early on in their time in the SEC?
NICK PERRY:  Definitely not.  This is their second time playing in the SEC Championship Game.  Any team that can repeat and represent the East, they're a great team and a great program.  We're definitely not overlooking these guys.  They definitely deserve to be there.  They're a great team.  They have great players, a great coach, and we're just ready for Saturday.  It's going to be a great game.

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