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February 24, 2005

David Toms


DAVID TOMS: I was 1‑up early, I guess after 12, I guess, or after 13.

Q. You never trailed after that?

DAVID TOMS: We just kind of parred around. He won the 9th hole to go even. And then he birdied 1 to go 1‑up. I birdied 2 to get back even. He ‑‑ sorry, 11. He birdied 10. I birdied 11 to get back to even, and then he bogeyed 12. So I got 1‑up there. And then I went 2‑up at 14. He made bogey there.

Q. He made bogey there?


Q. Was he missing fairways or what was it?

DAVID TOMS: He missed the green on the par‑3, No. 12, and then he also missed the green from the fairway on 14, because when he birdied 16 ‑‑ he birdied 16, 1‑down.

And then we tied the last couple of holes.

Q. Was there one turning point, you look back at it?

DAVID TOMS: It was kind of early on ‑‑ I hit the fairways for the most part all day today, so I didn't struggle very much at all.

I bogeyed 9 and hit a bad iron shot on 9. But other than that I felt like I played pretty solid. I just kept the pressure on him all day. But it's tough to make birdies out there. It's tough to hit the right club. You hit it too high and it sucks back. You hit it too far and you're behind the hole.

Q. You're afraid you're going to hit it too far?

DAVID TOMS: The toughest thing to hit the ball pin‑high is you've got to hit it solid, and it's really hard. Even though you're teeing it up, it's almost like the fairways are in the light rough, so you're trying to catch it high on the club face, and sometimes it will go, and sometimes it won't. It makes for judging the clubs very difficult.

Q. How much do you know about Richard Green? Have you ever played him before?

DAVID TOMS: No, I haven't, but you know what, I was very impressed. He hit the ball really solid all day, kept it in play. He hit a couple of way ward shots on the last few holes, but he seemed to grind it out. He got up‑and‑down. He putted well. He was a tough opponent.

Q. You had no idea what this guy was going to do on the first tee?

DAVID TOMS: No, but I could tell early on he was here to play, and so I had to just keep the pressure on him all day.

Q. You're going to get Mark Hensby tomorrow, another Australian. Do you know much about him?

DAVID TOMS: I know Mark. He's been out here a few years now, so I know he's a good player. He's played well the last couple of years. He got his first win last year, so he's an up‑and‑coming player, so I'll have to play well.

Q. The shortened tee boxes, when they push the tee boxes up, does that make much of a difference for you? Do you hit different clubs?

DAVID TOMS: They only did it on a few holes.

Q. The front nine, right?

DAVID TOMS: The front nine. Certainly it made a difference. It made No. 3 a definite birdie hole if you hit the fairway. And it made maybe ‑‑ made 4, made it play a little shorter. It was a wedge in today. The holes coming in ‑‑ 18, it's still a hard shot. It was a 6‑iron shot for me today. Obviously it would have taken a big drive to get it down that far, but obviously it was still a demanding hole.

Q. That was on 8?


Q. Because they made it a par‑3?

DAVID TOMS: Yeah. It was still a good hole. It isn't like they moved it up there by the ditch or something.

End of FastScripts.

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