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November 25, 2014

Eric Bovaird

Kiran Shastri


BYU – 121
Chaminade – 85

THE MODERATOR:  We welcome Chaminade to the media room.  Coach, some opening comments about the game?
COACH BOVAIRD:  Well, first of all, we've had Dave Odom over here for four years giving defensive clinic presentations on the aisle.  I probably should have paid attention.  But besides that we're a record‑setting team either one way or the other.  We either give up records or sometimes break them.  Yeah, obviously when you shoot the ball 14 for 18 from the three‑point line in the first half, it's a tough road to go down after that.  I give it to them.  They shot the ball incredibly.  We know we could have played a little better defense and made them rather contested threes rather than open threes.  So I was a little disappointed in that fact.

Q.  Have you guys ever experienced a guy going 9 for 10 from three in a half against you?
COACH BOVAIRD:  Not in my life or with any team, honestly.  He felt confident, I guess.  The goal got bigger every time he hit, and he kept hitting.  We tried to get to his body and make him drive, but that didn't work.  They kept setting screens for him and he'd find a way to get open.  He's good at that.  He's good at finding a lane and using screens to get open and knock it down once he gets it.

Q.  Coach, Lee's been playing significantly less minutes than he has last season.  What is the mentality of him going into the rest of the season?
COACH BOVAIRD:  Well, I don't know what his mentality is, but my mentality is that the minute I think that we don't have a chance to come back and win, I'm going to arrest him because we've got a long, hard season ahead and he's going to be a very, very valuable player.  His freshman and sophomore year he got worn down toward the end of the season.  I mean, last year I played him a lot of times.  We played 40 minutes a game.  And we may do that before the season's out.
But anytime we play, if I feel that we're either ahead enough that they can't come back or we're behind, then I'm going to rest him as much as possible.

Q.  Kiran, you were at 3 for 10 from the three‑point land.  Did you take anytime to go inside rather than take some outside shots from NBA range?
KIRAN SHASTRI:  Not really.  Coach gives me the confidence to take them, so if I see any open shots I'm going to take them.  But they did a good job of guarding us, hand in face, so it was just a tough night for us.

Q.  Kiran, how much was rebounding on your mind today?
KIRAN SHASTRI:  Yesterday's game was really tough rebounding‑wise.  We knew that going into the game.  But going into today's game we felt like we matched up well against them as far as the size.  But I thought we just did a good job on the inside forcing them to take threes.  But they were incredible shooters and they did their job and they hit them.  They live and die by the three and they won it.

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