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November 25, 2014

Chase Fischer

Dave Rose

Anson Winder


BYU テや 121
Chaminade テや 85

THE MODERATOR:テつ We welcome Coach Dave Rose, Anson Winder, and Chase Fischer to the media room this afternoon.テつ Coach, some opening comments on today's win?
COACH ROSE:テつ Well, first of all, I think that I couldn't be more pleased or really impressed with our guys today.テつ I think that we fought hard and we competed well last night and didn't come up with the win, and a double overtime loss.テつ With a quick turnaround, you just kind of wonder what you're going to get from your guys.テつ I was just really impressed with how focused they were, how dialed in they were.
We were really good offensively and got better as the game went on defensively.テつ But I've been through some pretty tough turnarounds with a lot of teams, and this one was maybe as impressive as I've seen.テつ So I'm happy for our guys.テつ Happy for our fans that we got a win, and look forward to a big game tomorrow.

Q.テつ Chase, you break a record held by Jimmer Fredette.テつ That's pretty cool.テつ Can you give me your thoughts on that?
CHASE FISCHER:テつ Yeah, it's awesome.テつ I grew up and my junior and senior in high school I watched Jimmer all the time, and never really knew I'd end up at BYU.テつ It's awesome to break that record for such a good player.テつ But I think I'm more excited about the win and bouncing back from yesterday.

Q.テつ Chase, Adam Morrison's record for this tournament is 43.テつ Did you ever think about it in the back of your mind to try to break that record?
CHASE FISCHER:テつ No, I didn't.テつ Maybe for a second I thought I could get like maybe 50 when I was back in my high school days.テつ But that's awesome.テつ I'm just glad we won it.テつ I'm glad my teammates were finding me and the ball was going in the hoop.

Q.テつ Chase, you were 9 for 10 from three‑point land in the first half.テつ Have you ever in your life shot the ball like that for a half?
CHASE FISCHER:テつ My first game of my senior year in high school I had a 10 for 10 half.テつ So it was kind of the same deal.テつ I don't know.テつ Just the hoop was really big for me in the first half, so I didn't even realize I actually shot that many threes in the first half.テつ Didn't feel like it.テつ So, yeah, it was good.

Q.テつ Anson, could you talk about your team's mindset after that tough loss and quick turnaround?テつ What was going through your mind as you prepared for this game today?
ANSON WINDER:テつ It's a pretty bittersweet feeling.テつ It hurt to go home after a loss like yesterday.テつ But to know we're going to play again today is an exciting feeling.テつ We were able to get up and get ready for this team we played today.テつ It was exciting to know that you can bounce back from a loss like that and get a W.

Q.テつ Chase, could you just talk about from your time at Wake Forest and red‑shirting until now and just kind of finding your role and your way on this team and what that journey has been like?
CHASE FISCHER:テつ Yeah, it's been a really long journey.テつ I had two great years at Wake Forest that I really enjoyed.テつ I just kind of wanted a change of scenery, change of pace.テつ I transferred to BYU, and the red‑shirt year was I think the best thing that could have happened for me in my basketball career.テつ I've matured a lot.テつ I've learned how to really work hard in the college level, and I learned the system at BYU.テつ I'm so happy and blessed to be here at BYU with a great coaching staff and best teammates I could ever have.
Yeah, it's been a long journey, and it's awesome playing with these guys every day.

Q.テつ Anson, you guys shot the ball really well from three tonight, but it seemed you also set the tone in getting to the basket early and kind of getting to the rim.テつ Was that a focus for you and was that a role you look to fill on this team?
ANSON WINDER:テつ I feel that whatever role was needed at the time is what I hope to bring to the table.テつ Yeah, the basket was pretty big for us in the beginning of the half.テつ We were hitting some big shots.テつ I think it just adds another dimension to our team if we can get to the basket and get the bigs in foul trouble and just kind of bring a different mindset to our offense.テつ We were hitting on all cylinders so it helped to get to the rim and hit open shots, so it worked in our favor tonight.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions for Coach.

Q.テつ Coach, was fatigue at all a factor early in the game?テつ I mean, basically 14 hours earlier you guys had just finished a 50‑minute game?
COACH ROSE:テつ I think we looked a little bit slow defensively to start.テつ They seemed to make a couple quick shots and then drove it, got the offensive rebound.テつ After that first four‑minute timeout I thought our guys kind of changed gears a little bit.テつ But fatigue shouldn't be an issue.テつ It's early in the year.テつ We've got every form of hydration possible to keep our guys going.テつ The message that I try to give to our guys is that it's a long summer.テつ It's a long off‑season.テつ You think about the days when you're trying to find ten guys to get in the gym and play a pick‑up game and get going, and we've got a game.テつ We've got fans and we've got referees.テつ We were disappointed from the loss, but we got a chance to really go out and play ask compete.
I think it was Anson that said he was really excited to be able to play another game and so quickly and get that kind of bitter taste out of your mouth.テつ Our guys did a good job with that.
Like I said, I was really impressed.テつ I've had a lot of teams, and there could have been a lot of different types of performances out there, and that was pretty i for me.

Q.テつ So you guys playing a Division II team, did that change the strategy at all during the course of the game?
COACH ROSE:テつ No.テつ The most important thing for us is to, we put a scouting report together.テつ We prepare for the other team.テつ But half of that scouting report is us, and how we're going to perform, and what we're going to do in our system and our style and what we want to play.
You get a guy like chase that makes shots, and we've got about three or four guys on our team that are capable of having runs like that.テつ We saw that a lot last year from chase against us in practice.テつ When he was on the scout team.テつ That's when I turned to one of my assistants and I said we've seen this before on days when he would come in and just in that 12 to 15‑minute time span in practice shoot eight or nine threes.テつ I was just happy that we had something really positive early in that game to build on and it was how we were shooting the ball.

Q.テつ Were you calling plays specifically for Chase to get the ball or did it just come out of a natural progression?
COACH ROSE:テつ No, I think the last one was a call, a set form.テつ I just told Coach that I was going to get him out, so let's get him another shot.テつ He hit the one from the corner.テつ We called a few sets for Jake Toolson because we're trying to get Jake going a little bit.テつ He played really well the last couple games at home, but a lot of this tonight was just guys penetrating, moving the ball, finding each other, and chase just got loose.テつ He's one of those guys that can kind of float around the three‑point line and find space, and then he's got a pretty quick release.テつ So it was good today.

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