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November 24, 2014

Steve Fisher

Aqeel Quinn


San Diego State テや 92
BYU テや 87

THE MODERATOR:テつ Coach, some comments about the game?
COACH FISHER:テつ This is the kind of game we've had for a lot of years with BYU.テつ Dave Rose and I and our wives are very good friends, and it's hard to be friends with other teams that you know are good who have beaten you.テつ Got great respect for him.テつ He runs a terrific program.テつ And they are really, really a good basketball team.テつ They're a hard team to guard.テつ I think the start for us was important.
Winston had back‑to‑back baskets off balls he picked up off the floor and put in.テつ People have been saying they can't make a basket.テつ We shot 20‑some‑odd percent in two games, and we think we can make shots.テつ But until you do, that doubt might linger.
But we played good basketball.テつ We had opportunities.テつ We missed a few free throws, and we're saying this game should not be in overtime, and it shouldn't have.テつ They're saying it shouldn't have gone to two overtimes, and they're right there too.テつ So basketball is a nutty game, but you have to play every possession, and we've got a good team.テつ We're long.テつ We're athletic.テつ We can guard.テつ I'm proud of our guys.テつ This is what we wanted the chance to move in on the winner's bracket, and we'll have that opportunity against a really good Pittsburgh team tomorrow.

Q.テつ Aqeel, could you tell us about the three‑pointer you made and how you felt confident?テつ You just missed one right before, but how you felt confident and making that shot was a big one?
AQEEL QUINN:テつ Yeah, the first one I saw the ball screen come off and it hit me in the corner, and I saw the big man come out and he blocked my shot.テつ Then I just really didn't want the ball to go down the other way, so I had to make another play.テつ I tipped the ball.テつ Sky got it, and gave it right back to me.テつ I looked down to see if I was behind the three and I just let it fly.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions for Coach Fisher.
COACH FISHER: テつI know it's not going to make any deadline anywhere in the country except New Zealand.テつ So I don't blame you for not having any questions.テつ I'd like to go home.テつ So any questions?

Q.テつ I don't know what the number is now, but it's somewhere in the 120s.テつ You guys have won games in a row with a lead at the five‑minute mark.テつ Can you just respond to how your players react down the stretch of close games so that you can keep that streak alive?
COACH FISHER:テつ We compete, compete hard, try to make the thought next play, next play, next play, and we've gotten a little lucky.テつ We got lucky tonight in that first overtime.テつ I thought we got unlucky in regulation.テつ We missed some free throws, and JJ's ball was in, and it looked like Winston or somebody was going to tip dunk it in, and neither of them went.テつ Then at the end of the first overtime probably a lot of people thought, well, that streak's over.テつ We found a way to make a play.テつ AQ is such a delight to have on our team.テつ I know you know his history.テつ Transferred from Northridge with no scholarship, walk‑on one year.テつ We put him on scholarship, and he's become such an inspirational leader of our team.
He's determined.テつ He appreciates what he's got and it shows.テつ He appreciates everything that he's got, and it shows.テつ So I think that's rubbed off on a lot of us.テつ We've got three fifth‑year seniors which definitely helps.テつ So we don't panic.テつ We didn't panic, even though we made some crazy plays at times, I don't think it was from panicking, and found a way to get a win.テつ That's the name of the game.テつ We'll have a lot of close games this year, and we're hopeful that we'll win most of them.

Q.テつ Just wanted to get a reaction from you about picking up your 500th win, and also I guess you tied the school record.テつ Just a reaction on that?
COACH FISHER:テつ We're in the semifinals of the Maui Classic.テつ That is what's most important.テつ That's what I'm most proud of.テつ I think I represent‑‑ I've been here more than all the rest of these guys put together.テつ My fifth year.テつ I sat shotgun as first lieutenant with all the answers to Bill Frieder when we won two.テつ Two other times I think we came in third for a fifth try.テつ So we want a chance to put a San Diego State banner up where we've got some of those other banners.テつ So we're so excited to be playing in the semis of this event.
I've said this before, this is where we all want to come to.テつ I begged Dave Odom who is a long-time friend.テつ I said, Dave, get us in.テつ Get us in.テつ Get us in.テつ And he finally got us in.テつ So we're privileged to be here, and we're more proud of the fact that we're playing in the winnerテや冱 bracket.

Q.テつ This is the most we've seen Kyle Collinsworth play this year because he's coming off that injury.テつ What did you think of his performance tonight, playing 45 minutes?
COACH FISHER:テつ I watched the three games prior to this one, and I didn't think he felt comfortable with his play.テつ I thought that the knee was having an impact on his maneuverability, ability to get where he wanted to go.テつ Tonight he was pretty close to what I saw as all‑conference in the WCC last year.テつ He's a very good player.テつ Knows how to play.テつ Can get where he wants to go with the ball.テつ He's big in post-up.テつ I'm hopeful for him and their team that he'll progress from here physically.テつ That is the key for him, if he's okay with his health.テつ It looked like he took a big step tonight probably mentally with his game, so he's good.テつ He's good.テつ We knew he was good.

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