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November 22, 2014

Rafa Cabrera Bello


Q.  Huge satisfaction, particularly given the way you finished out there?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Yes, obviously it's been a very special round for me today.  I'm really, really pleased with the score, and obviously with the good finish.

Q.  Do you feel those juices flowing knowing you're back in competition again?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  It's been a little crazy round, because I haven't felt I've played perfect at all.  I had to work really, really hard, especially at the beginning.  I managed to hang in there.  I end up shooting 3‑under on the front nine and I could have easily shot 2‑ or 3‑over, which was very good.  And short game and putting has been unbelievable, probably the best day of my life for short game.
I think that that's what helped me hang in there on the front nine and I did play better on the back nine.  I was playing more aggressive going for it, hitting good shots, and giving myself a lot of chances and I did make some of them, yes.

Q.  You've just walked up and said, "I'm so tired."  Tell us why?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Yes, it's been a great round, a great scoring, but I felt that I have lost a few years of lifetime on this one.  Even though I was enjoying it out there being in contention, I did feel I had to work really hard for it.  Especially at the beginning, I end up shooting 3‑under on the front nine but could I have easily shot 2‑ or 3‑over, and my short game definitely saved me today.  That's why it always seemed like the water was almost up to my neck, and managed to stay afloat.  And I did feel I played much better on the turn.  Played a solid back nine, and managed to post a good score on the back nine and really excited to be up there chasing the leader, if not leading for tomorrow.

Q.  You held off some big names to win in Dubai just down the road at the Desert Classic.  These guys don't frighten you, do they.
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Well, obviously I know they are the best players in the world.  I'm happy to be able to have beat them occasionally.  I know when I play very good, I really believe I can beat anyone.  I've done it before to prove it to myself.  So I'm just going to try to enjoy it, and if it happens, great.  If it doesn't happen, then I'm still going to putt up a good fight, yes.

Q.  How proud are you of the 65?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Really proud.  Today is one of those days I could really see every shot and feeling really good.  I have lots of confidence and luckily enough, those first few holes, I didn't play good and I had to rely on my short game, and it did help me out, my chipping and my putting.  It gave me a lot of confidence, and it's probably been the best short game day of my life, yes.

Q.  Seems like you turned a twitch on your game the last two days.  What do you think has been the big key for you?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Yesterday, I did feel I played a bit better and putting was the difference.  I played more consistently, hit more greens and rolled more of the longer, between 15 and 20 foot putts.  But today, I don't know, but I haven't hit that many greens for the score I did, which I obviously feel very proud of.  Definitely short game today, the difference, every time I was into any bit of trouble, either I would have just chipped it for a tap‑in or rolled in a good six to 9‑footer for par.  I did hit some good short irons into the pins giving myself some very nice birdie chances.

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