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November 21, 2014

Kristoffer Broberg


Q.テつ Wonderful position at the halfway stage.
KRISTOFFER BROBERG:テつ It's always good to be on top but my name is not that good and my putting is really, really, really hot.テつ I have no thoughts for the weekend.

Q.テつ That's a strange situation, scoring well, currently second and not happy with your game.
KRISTOFFER BROBERG:テつ That's what my coach tells me.テつ You need to learn how to score because I played pretty good last weeks, but putting has been off and now it's like opposite.テつ So it's like fantastic.

Q.テつ So how are you getting the most of your game?テつ How do you approach that sort of technique?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG:テつ I don't know, but it just feels weird because I am a really good ball‑striker and I haven't hit it this bad; it went left, it went right, just never straight.テつ If I hit it straight, it's like more luck.

Q.テつ And the strange thing is on this course, you would normally say that you have to be on those fairways to give yourself the opportunity.テつ Sounds like you haven't been and yet you've still got the chances?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG:テつ I hit a few fairways but like the rough is not that tough.テつ So you always get a shot into the greens and a good short game.

Q.テつ Put this into context for us, because if you'll forgive me, we haven't seen you right at the top for a little while?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG:テつ In a way, I tried to change my swing, my backswing, because it looked ugly on TV I think.テつ My girlfriend is getting so mad at me.テつ So I'm going back to the old swing, but it's hard to find because I'm so much behind it.

Q.テつ Your girlfriend is getting mad at you?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG:テつ Yeah, she plays on the ladies tour.テつ She always tells me that it doesn't‑‑

Q.テつ She's meant to be supportive, isn't she?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG:テつ She's very, very supporting, but don't change what works.

Q.テつ And yet you do anyway.
KRISTOFFER BROBERG:テつ I guess I'm stupid.

Q.テつ I know you've already said as much, but what are your thoughts into the weekend?テつ Just work a bit more on the range and get things to click?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG:テつ I hit so many balls on the range this week.テつ Nothing helps out there.テつ Just be patient and get a good laugh with the caddie and just have fun.

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