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November 21, 2014

Rafa Cabrera Bello


Q.  8‑under par, which started with five birdies.  What was the secret to the fast start?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  I don't know.  I played really good.  It happened, it looked easy, just happened easy.  I wasn't really thinking.  I'm like, okay, birdie first, birdie second, holed a good putt for birdie on the third, again, good shot and just built up from there.  Was just playing really good and putting really good and gave myself chances doing the right things, and lucky enough to be able to score.

Q.  Not the first time we've seen you go low, notably in Dubai, 63 to open your Desert Classic a couple years back.  When you're making birdie after birdie, what's the mind‑set?  What are you thinking?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Just one shot at a time, just try to keep the good feelings until the next shot.  You're just trying it think what you have to do immediately next.

Q.  Tell us about the golf course today, how does it setup compared to yesterday, the pin positions, etc.?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Well, I saw it easier today, definitely more scorable.  I think the course is not playing as long today.  There's a couple tees that are a bit further up, and I think a few pins are at the beginning of the greens because there's a few really long greens and the pins haven't been at the far back on many of them.
I just played really good and it looked simple.  I know there are also very tricky holes out there.  I got a couple bogeys myself, too, just blinking, really, so you have to be very careful.

Q.  I take it that's a very special round of golf, isn't it?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Yes, thank you very much.  8‑under par, here at Dubai, our tournament finale, so, yeah, very pleased about it, and also about the way I played today, yes.

Q.  What was it that made the difference today as opposed to yesterday?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Well, yesterday, five birdies to start was really, really nice.  Just got me in the mood, gave me really good feelings on the greens.  But then, that's just like a really dangerous thing, because then you put a little bit of pressure on yourself but I managed to handle that good today I think.
So made a couple mistakes, but then came back strongly on the last few holes, and really pleased with my round, yes.

Q.  Not the first time, you're certainly a player that gets on a birdie blitz and keeps it going.
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  I know that when I play good, I can play really good.  I just don't get to play as good as I think I can as often as I would like, but today it happened, so I'm just going to enjoy it and prepare for tomorrow.

Q.  I take it there's something special about you Dubai and the nature of the courses in this part of the world for you.
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Yes, definitely.  I have always enjoyed playing this part of the world.  Dubai, particularly, is a special place for me where I have won before, not on this course but not far from here.  So always just being in this city brings good memories and that obviously gets you in the right mood, yes.

Q.  I do have to ask where you think you'll be come the end of day and how those leaders at the moment will get on?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  I don't know, I think I will be definitely in a better position than I was this morning, so I have no idea what the leaders are.  I know the best European players are here, they are playing really good and everyone wants to win, so score is going to be low, yes.

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