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November 21, 2014

Justin Rose


Q.  Not for the first time we've seen your battling qualities, 4‑over par for ten holes yesterday and then right back in the thick of it, finished with a 6 today.  How would you sum it all up?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, obviously like you said, as of yesterday, played a stretch of golf there, 12‑under par which on this golf course is pretty good.  It's certainly not easy.  The pins are being very tucked and are being very good this week and you have to hit good iron shots to get close.
Disappointing making 6 at the last.  It's the worst hole on the course and I just wish I could have respected it a bit more.  The tee was up 90 yards today which just kind of tempted me way too much to try and hit it down the right side and thought I could get 3‑iron in my hand going to the green.
But probably it was a pin where I could have probably attacked it better with a wedge if I'm honest, a bit of a backstop to it.  I was obviously on a good roll, feeling good, feeling a bit too confident maybe playing 18, but that's the only shot I take back.  Other than that, I played really well today.

Q.  Is there a rasp in the voice?  Are you feeling well?
JUSTIN ROSE:  It was a huge night out last night (laughter).  I've been struggling all week really to be honest.  This is as good as I've sounded all week.

Q.  This year, you've won both sides of the Atlantic, you've had five Top‑5 finishes, yet you've gone from fourth to seventh in the world.
JUSTIN ROSE:  It is a tough score.  I got a feeling, my average points has probably stayed‑‑ I probably need to improve my average points, which means that everybody else has played really well this year.  I think the standard is getting better.  Guys are more and more competitive and there's more of us.  It's definitely harder to maintain your ranking.

Q.  You've shot 21‑under in the past and finished second; Henrik shot 25‑under last year.  What number are we looking at this year?
JUSTIN ROSE:  It seems a little tougher this year for whatever reason.  The pins I think are the same pins we normally play but someone is going to get close.  I would imagine it's going to be 10‑under by the end of the day at least, and normally it slows up a touch, so looking at 18 again I would imagine.

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