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May 27, 2005

Peter Hanson


Q. Second 69, things are going nicely for you at moment?

PETER HANSON: Yeah, pretty good. I like the course, A course like this and Valderrama where you have to think your way around, they suit my eye well.

Q. You have to take advantage of the par 5s.

PETER HANSON: Yes, I was a bit disappointed yesterday but today I managed to get two 4s on the last two. The only disappointment was the 2 putt on 12.

Q. You couldn't be in a better position, tucked in just behind.

PETER HANSON: Yeah, being 4 under coming in through the last two, was important to get those two birdies on the way. I hit a great 4 iron on 17 to get a nice, easy 2 putt on the last, pitch in, and a good putt. It was nice.

Q. Spanish Open champion, still has that marvelous ring to it, and you have the Spanish weather, too.

PETER HANSON: Yeah, I hope it stays like it is. If we get more wind, it could be really tricky out there.

Q. Are you still drawing on the confidence and exuberance from that win?

PETER HANSON: Yeah, that win was really great and makes it a little bit easier maybe now when I'm going into another weekend here.

Q. Tell me about what it's like out there. I gather the greens are firming up all the time and a bit tricky.

PETER HANSON: Yeah, the greens were absolutely fantastic today, but I think they had to water them yesterday evening.

So today they have grown a bit and a little bit more bumpy today but still very good. I think now for tomorrow and for Sunday, they are not going to put any water at all and make it really quick.

Q. Are you going to enjoy that, because I know you've had your doubts about your putting sometime in the past.

PETER HANSON: Yeah, I've got a good feeling about this week and the putter has been obviously pretty good. I hope it stays like that.

Q. I noticed you having a fairly intensive look at the leaderboard, nice to see the names?

PETER HANSON: Henrik Stenson was 2 under yesterday and he's been playing very nicely the last couple of weeks.

When you feel confident, you walk around it's only second round and half the tournament left. Thinking about the numbers is not really that important. Tomorrow I probably won't be looking that much at the score board. Today and yesterday, it was, but it's really, really solid. I've been hitting almost all of the greens, and you can relax a little bit more and just walk around.

End of FastScripts.

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