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November 16, 2014

Charley Hoffman


Q.  How much do your two wins and that experience help you out today?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  I was behind a little bit and I just kept hitting goods and giving myself chances.  Obviously, Danny must have had a couple tough bogeys coming down the stretch.  But I gave myself an opportunity for birdie, made a couple, obviously looking to make a couple more of those.  But really happy.  The two wins, it's been awhile in between, but obviously I kept going out there and just kept hitting good shots.

Q.  The top of the leaderboard definitely struggled on the back nine.  You got lucky on 13, but after that you were dead on.  How were you able to deal with that pressure?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  I just kept hitting fairways.  Hit some good iron shots that gave me some good looks.  It was a pretty good break on 13 there, that I was able to capitalize with a birdie and obviously Shawn had a little hiccup by hitting his second into the junk there, but I was just lucky there.
That was the momentum kind of him hitting from the fairway and I fanned mine out to the right and he made bogey, so that was a big change of momentum there.

Q.  I got to ask you about 18.  He was in trouble off the tee and you went with the driver.  It worked out fine, but could there have been some regrets about not taking 3‑wood?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  No, the driver is the best for me.  I had 290 to carry the bunker which I did, I just pulled it slightly from my sight line, pulled it to the left and missed the fairway.  I got real unlucky there.

Q.  Your wife is here, your children are here to congratulate you.  What's that mean to you?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  It's special.  My last win was when Claire was in my wife's stomach, so it's nice to have my family here in Mexico.  Mexico is a great place and my daughter has been wanting to go to Hawaii, so I guess we're going to have to make a little run over New Year's there.

Q.  Now that you got this third win under your belt, are you going to reassess your goals any or just stay the same?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  I made a tough decision a couple week ago, I fired my caddie, which had helped me a ton throughout the years.  And I was sort of searching for a caddie that could take me over the top.
And Brett Waldman got the call on Monday, I actually had another caddie lined up, Patrick, Chris Riley's old caddie, and he came with a spasm in his neck and couldn't carry the bag.
So Brett was caddying for David Toms, so I had a tough decision to make who was going to carry my bag the rest of next year, but it's definitely nice to cross the finish line and get the win.

Q.  Congratulations on a great way to end your campaign.

Q.  Congratulations, now a three‑time winner on the PGA TOUR.  You had three straight birdies on the front nine, then laser‑like irons coming home?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah, it would have been nice to make a few of those putts coming down the stretch to give me a little more breathing room, but hit it solid, swung it good, got a little unlucky on 18, but was able to finish with a bogey and Shawn didn't make a par.  Not the way I obviously wanted to finish, but nice to get the win.

Q.  You got a good break on your drive on 13, the par‑5.  But I thought it was critical, not only did you receive a good break, you took advantage of a good break.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  100 percent.  Actually got a good break on Thursday there.  Did about the same thing and didn't really take advantage of it.  And today I laid up to a good number and was able to knock it in there close and make birdie.

Q.  What was it about your irons on the way home?  I mean, you were within 10 feet of the cup the entire back nine?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  To be honest with you, there's not a ton of leaderboards out there.  I knew there was some birdie holes coming in and I wasn't going to shoot for middle of the greens and let someone else beat me.  I wanted to win the golf tournament and I was able to do that.

Q.  Very happy, Charley Hoffman, who for the third time in his PGA career can call himself a winner.  What are the emotions like with that final round 66?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  I saw Danny Lee on 10 obviously had a good front nine and I was a few behind and knew I needed to keep making birdies and gave myself some opportunities and I did.
And then I got a good break on 13 and was able to capitalize with a birdie and that sort of turned the tide a little bit.  I hit some great iron shots.  Wish I would have made a few more putts coming down the back nine, but all in all happy to get a win here.

Q.  Things got a little adventurous on that 18th hole, take me through it.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Took driver, I was aiming down just the left side of that fairway, just trying to take that bunker out of play.  Pulled it just a tad.  Not thinking it would really come up next to the base of a tree.  Got up there and was obviously a little disappointed.  Shawn was underneath the lip, knew he probably couldn't get to the green.  But I told Brett, we can only control what we can do.  And got it back into play and was able to hit something on the green and had a chance to make par, but bogey was good enough.

Q.  Your first win in four years, your last win was at Deutsche Bank.  Now you have two additions to the Hoffman family that can share this with you.  What's it mean to have your daughters with you?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah, it was really nice to see them run out on the green and see the excitement on their face.
We have been talking about it for awhile, it's a little bit longer than I anticipated, but it's nice to finally get it done.

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