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November 16, 2014

Robert-Jan Derksen


ROBERT‑JAN DERKSEN:¬† I played pretty solid but of course, yeah, every hole is one less more or less.¬† You can't really predict how you finish but of course it's nice to finish with a birdie.¬† Doesn't get much better than that.
So the overall score I wasn't too worried about today but to finish the way I did, yeah, it was nice.  That's just, yeah, a weird game.  Shows how weird it is.

Q.  We recall the walk down the KLM Open, more emotional.  This was more smiley.
ROBERT‑JAN DERKSEN:¬† Yeah, it's definitely more smiley.¬† It was very emotional because that was sort of like the first thing which was like really the end of the story.¬† I played a few tournaments afterwards and I more or less always had this one in the back of my mind if I didn't make Dubai.
Yeah, it was more enjoyable almost.¬† Of course it's also strange, because after KLM I knew I still had a few tournaments left.¬† But this one, I knew it was the last one.¬† There's always‑‑ yeah, the last one is always coming and eventually it is the last.
But yeah, to finish in these circumstances, one of the greatest tournaments on Tour in sunny weather with a birdie on the last, that's all the way to smile for me.

Q.  I take it across the course this week, people are saying, why are you quitting.
ROBERT‑JAN DERKSEN:¬† Yeah, I had a lot of people again, and a few people, they can't really think about it.¬† They say, you are still playing well and I'm sure you will get back next year.¬† They tell my caddie to leave on his phone during Christmas because I will phone to come Abu Dhabi or something.
It's been a fantastic 18 years.  I had my share of fortune and good luck and wins.  I feel it's time for a change and that change has come now for me and it might be something in golf, might not be something in golf but I'm sure it will be something nice and I'm looking forward to sort of like my next life.
Yeah, it's really good.  That's why it feels good.

Q.  Tell us what those immediate plans are?
ROBERT‑JAN DERKSEN:¬† There's definitely a party coming, probably in January or something.¬† I'm not sure what I'm going to do.¬† I talked to a lot of sport players in Holland, tennis players and football players, and they said to me, just take five to six months off.¬† Just do nothing more or less.¬† Let it sink in and then see what you want to do, just choose what you want to do, and so that's my plan for the short term.
And then I'll see what I'm going to do.  Of course it's likely that I'm going to do something in golf, so I'll probably see you all sometime at the KLM Open, I'm sure.  Also maybe something else, which maybe is not directly involved with golf.  I'll have to wait and see, but the first, five, six months, I'll just take it very easy, yeah.

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