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November 16, 2014

Marcel Siem


Q.  What is the verdict on the Turkish Airlines Open and how it's panned out?
MARCEL SIEM:  It was all right.  I would have taken it I think again the week before.
Very disappointed.  I played actually pretty good and didn't hole one putt.  Yeah, very disappointed.

Q.  How are you physically?  I know something happened this morning.
MARCEL SIEM:  I went in the gym this morning at 7.00 and warmed up, and then we did a bit of stretching, and something we haven't done for a year now because of my surgeries, I couldn't really do it, and dislocated my rib.  I thought I can't even tee it up.
Then my physio tried to crack it back in, didn't work and now we went so see the chiropractic and they pushed it back in, and I had like 1,600 milligrams of Ibuprofen in now.  I couldn't have a proper back swing.
But I played all right.  I don't want to blame it on anything to be honest.  I played all right.  I hit a lot of greens, had great birdie chances.  Just didn't hole a putt.

Q.  As for The Race to Dubai chase, I know you were very realistic about it all along but I daresay disappointment about that.
MARCEL SIEM:  A little, especially the way I played, even with a dislocated rib.  I think I played good enough to get to 17‑ or 18‑under today, but I didn't hole one putt.  Caught the edges all the time and misread a few and didn't have shaky hands or something.  It was great putts I hit all day.  Just didn't go in.  It was not my day.
Sorry for everybody.  It's not that interesting now, Race to Dubai.  Congrats, Rory.  But overall, I really have to be very, very happy about the season now.  Go to Dubai and try to win there.

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