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November 16, 2014

Andy Sullivan


Q.テつ The way things have hand out at the Turkish Airlines Open?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ It's always nice to shoot 11‑under for your last two rounds, and to do it in such a high‑class field is even more sweeter for me.

Q.テつ Well, that score kind of sums it up, you were under the radar for a little bit and suddenly you surged?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ I found myself swinging it well the first two rounds and not quite making the most of it.テつ After a slippery finish in the morning, the second round, found myself going out in round three and four and swinging it really well.テつ And then finished well, really happy.

Q.テつ Did you still fancy a chance into the final day here?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ I did.テつ I knew I was going to have to shoot really low.テつ Obviously Brooks has gone low enough and put it out of my hands really.
But after I got a birdie on 15, I was hoping to see the leaderboard on 16 wasn't going to be far away.テつ Unfortunately was 17, a bit out of my grasp by then.テつ But all in all, fantastic week and happy to finish where I did after where I was two rounds.

Q.テつ In the bigger picture, a great week, after a little spell in the doldrums after all those highlight at KLM?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ Felt like I was doing the right things.テつ Just not quite getting results out of it.テつ China was really disappointing and to bounce back from that and to do what I have done, I'm really pleased with myself and just shows I'm as strong mentally as I think I am, so really happy.

Q.テつ Have you got any further thoughts on the space trip?
ANDY SULLIVAN:テつ You know what will be, will be.テつ Hopefully the testing starts to improve and we'll take it from there, eh.テつ (Laughing).テつ There's a few people Tweet me about what happened and wishing me the best of luck, so it's all good fun, really, on Twitter.

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