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February 3, 2006

David Toms


Q. How aware were you of Henry and his round?

DAVID TOMS: Well, I didn't see it until I was on No. 5, so I guess that was about the 14th hole, and it was pretty impressive. I thought it was playing pretty tough. In fact, Andy Martinez, who caddies for Tom Lehman, said he thought I would be somewhere close to the lead until he looked at the leaderboard. It's the kind of golf course, though, you get it going, it's in good shape, the ball goes a long way and he's a long hitter. You can get a good score if you get hot.

Q. How are the conditions different today than they were yesterday?

DAVID TOMS: We just teed off a little bit earlier. It's pretty much the same. It's beautiful weather. That's why we're all playing this time of year, that's why all these people are out. It's kind of what you expect, so you know you have to play well.

Q. It seems like a layoff a couple weeks (inaudible).

DAVID TOMS: I didn't play much at home. I play so much golf during the year that when I do get home, I like to get away from it. I came here fresh and ready to go and with a clear mind, and it's carried over the last two days.

Q. It's still the halfway point with plenty of golf left to play.

DAVID TOMS: A lot of golf left. If I play well, there's a lot of birdies to be made, and I'll put some pressure on him. Most of the time it's hard to follow up a really hot round, so there may be some guys that put some pressure on him tomorrow.

Q. Do you have a Super Bowl prediction and why?

DAVID TOMS: Well, who am I going with? I'm going to go with the Steelers. I used to be a big Steelers fan because Terry Bradshaw was from my area and my hometown, so I used to follow them a lot. Maybe they'll get back to the way they used to play. So I'm going to go with the Steelers.

End of FastScripts.

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