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November 15, 2014

Ian Poulter


Q.  You played sublime golf for two rounds, 14‑under par and today, third round, nothing went right.  Can you explain this nutty game to me?
IAN POULTER:  A little disappointing.  Rhythm was off right from the get‑go.  Disappointing tee shot on the first.  Just tried to put it in position, obviously it was raining; it was key to get it on the fairway.  I didn't do that early.  I wasn't aggressive enough.
I made mistakes, and notably on 15.  You know, real lack of judgment there.  Led to a double‑bogey, which was a real shame. Because even as bad as it was, it wouldn't have been that bad to have a double‑bogey right there.  I only had a wedge, miscalculation in my mind, thought I hit a good shot, obviously hit the tree and obviously left me no shot.  It was a shame.
It's brought obviously a lot of players back into the fray.  Their dinner is going to taste lovely tonight and mine is going to taste horrible.

Q.  6‑under par for the par 5s on day one, 1‑over today; it seemed to me that you were going after your tee shots a bit too much.  11, you really went after that tee shot and lost a few of them to the right.  Was that the case?
IAN POULTER:  I'm not sure if I was going after them.  I didn't have to stay committed, if it's raining‑‑ that was a poor swing on 1 and 11.  And if you're going to leak them out to the right, then you're going to be in trouble on these fives, that was obviously a shame on 11, leading to a bogey and one on the first.
I'm more angry about the wedge shot which led to a double.  That's inexusable for me to make that error right there.  That's disappointing.  A simple wedge shot puts me to 20 feet with an outside birdie look at worst, and I hit the tree, so I'm going to be angry about that for a little while tonight and then I'll be fine tomorrow.

Q.  There was some doubt whether they were going to redraw, but now because they are going to redraw, so if the situation stays as it is, you'll play with Wade Ormsby, who has not been in this position before.  Pleased with that?
IAN POULTER:  I really don't care who I play with tomorrow.  I'm going to get my head down and do the job tomorrow.  Today was really disappointing to be out of rhythm after playing such great golf.  As good as it was for two days, was as poor as it was and disappointing.  So I'm off to the range.

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