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December 15, 2002

Paul Casey

Padraig Harrington

Paul McGinley

Justin Rose



PADRAIG HARRINGTON: You have to get the breaks and hole the putts. Things have got to go for you in this type of format. We were reasonable without anything exceptional. We didn¹t make the eagles or anything exceptional. Certainly didn¹t hole enough putts.

PAUL McGINLEY: It was a good week and we really enjoyed it. It was just one of those weeks when we played really well without doing anything special. If you are going to win you have to do something special. But we both played well. The scoring is exceptional. I enjoyed it and it is always a pleasure playing with Padraig. I have enjoyed it just like I have enjoyed playing every world cup with him and the Ryder Cup. We played well but sometimes you can play well and nothing happens and this was one of those weeks.


PAUL CASEY: We would have liked to have been a couple of places better but we really got overtaken a bit. We stumbled on the back nine a couple of times. Today was tougher. We played the foursomes very well and think we might have won if we had cracked on in the better ball. Overall it was a good week. I am happy to have been thrown in a short notice and feel I have done a half decent job. Hope Nick will be happy with that.

JUSTIN ROSE: We both tried really hard today. Stayed positive and did all the right things today. There were a couple of shots left out there but out attitude was very good. It got to a point, after the eighth when we knew we couldn¹t win and it was a matter of playing for the higher places and doing England as proud as possible. I didn¹t quite get that fifth win my brother was talking about but four was a pretty good effort.

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