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November 13, 2014

Davis Love III


Q.  Really good opening round, really solid play out of you.
DAVIS LOVE III:¬† Yeah, solid.¬† I hit pretty bad shots on par‑3s were really the only bad shots I hit.¬† I missed a couple fairways, but it's hard not to out here, and I played solid.¬† I putted well.¬† That was the main thing.

Q.  Fairways are playing a little narrow to looks like.
DAVIS LOVE III:¬† They're narrow.¬† There's a lot of hazards out there, and you have to be very focused off the tee, pick a good target and hit it because you can look at all the trouble and start guiding it.¬† I hit the ball real solid off the tee.¬† I hit a couple par‑5s I didn't take advantage of and a couple par‑3s I missed the green on and made one great up‑and‑down and didn't get one up‑and‑down.¬† All in all, it was a good start.

Q.  How aggressive can you be off the tees?  Do you hit a lot of drivers?
DAVIS LOVE III:¬† No, I hit a lot of 2‑irons, 3‑woods, a few drivers.¬† When the wind changes, the course changes.¬† One day on a hole you hit 2‑iron off the tee, and the next day on the same hole you hit a driver, depending on the wind.¬† You just have to hit it in the fairway, you're not going to get close to the hole out of this rough, and obviously the hazards are bad, too, so you've just got to hit it straight.

Q.  How much are we going to see you on the PGA TOUR this year?  Of course you're past 50, eligible for Champions, still fully exempt on the PGA TOUR, as well.
DAVIS LOVE III:  That's the key.  I'm still fully exempt.  As long as tournaments like Malaysia CIMB gave me a spot a couple weeks ago and I played well over there, and I keep making some FedEx points, I'm going to stay out here.  I love playing here.  My wife is already talking about coming back here next year, so I guess I'm out here for a couple more years.

Q.  Six birdies and a bogey, recipe for a solid start by Davis Love III.  What did you have working out there?
DAVIS LOVE III:  Really the putter.  I made some putts when I had to.  I had four birdies in five holes in a little spurt in the middle of the round, and put the ball in play.  I think that's what you have to do here.  You have to keep it in the fairway and you have to putt well.  I kept it in play pretty well today.

Q.  I remember talking to you at McGladrey and you said you were starting to feel better, the game was getting close.  We saw some of that at CIMB.  What's carrying over after Malaysia?
DAVIS LOVE III:  Well, I think just getting some confidence.  My brother gave me a tip after the first round of McGladrey.  I called him out on the range and he watched me hit some balls, and I started hitting the ball more solid at McGladrey and obviously had a good week in Malaysia, and here the same thing.  I'm hitting the ball solid now and gaining some confidence, and it takes some pressure off your putter if you hit it on the fairway and on the green, so everything is coming around.

Q.  How close do you feel to putting a complete week together?  Seems like you're getting there.
DAVIS LOVE III:¬† Yeah, I think I got a top 10, hadn't had a top 10 in a while, been kind of struggling, finishing 25th to 45th every week and never really putting four good rounds together.¬† It was nice to get my name up on the board a little bit in Malaysia and gain some confidence.¬† I think it's just been like a two‑year process of coming back from not playing well, from being injured, from having a big surgery and trying to get my confidence back, and it's slowly coming.

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