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November 13, 2014

Will MacKenzie


Q. Nicely done out there, keeping up that good solid play you started back at McGladrey.テつ Talk about the birdie at 17.
WILL MacKENZIE:テつ Yeah, that birdie was clutch.テつ You know, I was 210 yards from the pin on 16.テつ I was starting to feel it a little bit, like I'm feeling run down.テつ I came here with the flu, and actually not the Mexican flu, the old Florida flu, and been playing in bed the last couple days and actually did play the pro‑am yesterday.テつ But I was starting to get tired and I was in between 6 and 5‑iron, and I tried to hit a hard 6 and just came out of it.テつ Tough lie, made the bogey, and I said, you know, this is a little short hole.テつ You've just got to hit a good tee ball, and I kind of overcooked the tee ball but played a good conservative shot out there to 12 feet and made it.テつ Yeah, that was a huge bounce‑back for me.テつ This little tee ball can be a little bit daunting, especially if you're not feeling great, but I just went ahead and hit a hard one.テつ I was actually thinking back to the playoff when I tried to smooth it out there and blew it right.テつ But you've got to stay aggressive, and I stayed aggressive there.テつ Same thing here, in between 8 and 7, tried to cut a 7, can't do that right now.テつ Just glad to make par and get to the house and try to get some feed in me because food is not staying with me really good right now.

Q.テつ What was the key to your round today?
WILL MacKENZIE:テつ I'm driving‑‑ I feel great with my swing actually, and I actually had great pace on the greens, so I was pretty fearless with the putter, hit so many good putts on the front, didn't make them, and was like, all right, you know, I guess the patient guy‑‑ I need to be the patient guy today.テつ And then they started going in on the back.テつ I just feel great with the swing and the putter felt great, so you're supposed to shoot a good round on those days.

Q.テつ Despite not feeling well, to me this seems like a place you'd feel real comfortable at.
WILL MacKENZIE:テつ Yeah, this is a perfect spot for me.テつ I mean, if there were waves it would really be good.テつ But I love it here.テつ I mean, I think this is unbelievable we get to come down here and play.テつ I was just talking to Svoboda, and I said, remember when we were on the mini‑Tours, bud, now we're out here just chilling at the Fairmont, great golf course, there's a lot to be grateful for.テつ I know he probably feels the same way, but it's just an amazing spot.テつ Feeling pretty blessed to be here.

Q.テつ You got off to a really good start last year early in the season.テつ Now you're doing it again.テつ Is there a particular reason for that?
WILL MacKENZIE:テつ No, I was prepared at the beginning of last year, and I've been playing a lot of golf, and I've been through that big lull, I think, and now I feel better.テつ It's just time to play well.テつ I'm kind of bummed that we have a break, but I could actually use it.テつ I need to get a little stronger physically, and just got to figure out what I did last year, which I think I do know, and just have a full strong season.テつ I don't have to be hot every week, but just be more consistent so I can play on a higher level and get into some of the bigger golf tournaments.テつ I don't have much time left.テつ I want to see if I can contend and sneak off and just wax one of the big boys in a big tournament.

Q.テつ An under the weather Will MacKenzie not showing it on the course today.テつ How did you handle the flu today?
WILL MacKENZIE:テつ Well, I've kind of gotten over it.テつ I kind of sweated it out all Monday night and laid low Tuesday, struggled through my pro‑am yesterday, still not getting much food down, but I'm feeling better and better about the day.テつ I'm just glad that it happened Monday night into Tuesday.テつ You know, everybody is, hey, bro, how you doing, how you feeling, so I'm kind of always messed up when I come here.テつ I'm either tweaked or sick or something, but I just love being in Mテδゥxico.テつ I'm feeling better and better, so hopefully the sick guy that plays well, hopefully I'll start feeling great and start hacking.テつ I pray that I keep going.

Q.テつ You've got to love how you played the par‑5, 13th, today.
WILL MacKENZIE:テつ Yeah, I had a pretty good number in there, like 223, and I was trying to hit 4‑iron a little downwind, came out of it a little bit, but it's a small green, and hit it about 25, 30 feet and just made a bomb.テつ That thing was going in with ramming speed.テつ Jerry Kelly was like, dang, bud.テつ It was like the full release putt.テつ It felt so good, and I go, hit hole.テつ Actually hit the center of the hole, please.テつ It hit the back edge and came back in.テつ It kind of really got things going for me.

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