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November 12, 2014

Victor Dubuisson


VICTOR DUBUISSON:  I look forward to play this week.  I hope I will enjoy it, especially because I won last year and first victory on Tour, it's important.

Q.  So when you step through the gates here this week, did those memories come flooding back?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:  Yeah, coming back here, it's about memories from last year.

Q.  Have you used those memories across what has been an exciting year for you?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:  I played well this year, and it's been a good season, and I hope I can finish it well here.

Q.  Sometimes when you're feeling down perhaps or not having the best of rounds, do you think back to Turkey and think, I played that so well that year, that time and that really gives you the incentive, the impetus to play better?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:  Yeah, sometimes, sometimes I think about last year when I won.  Yeah, it's a good motivation.

Q.  Tell me how you are, because I know it didn't work out for you in Shanghai last week and you've arrived here without your clubs and without your gear at the moment?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:  I feel better.  Body is okay.  I hope I will get my luggage tonight and be ready for tomorrow.

Q.  And was that your back last week in Shanghai?

Q.  That's eased; you've had physio?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:  Yeah, yeah.  Had physio the last few days.

Q.  Feeling 100 per cent now?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:  Yeah, I feel better.  I feel better.

Q.  What are your expectations this week?
VICTOR DUBUISSON:  I expect I will just try to do the best I can and I will see the results the end of the week.

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