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November 12, 2014

Marcel Siem


MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, it's fantastic to be kind of the last group playing with Sergio and Jamie.
The course is fantastic.  I think it's a lot better than last year.  The rough is up.  The greens are firm and quick.  I think it's a bigger test than last year.  Really looking forward to that.  My back is getting better, as well.  I had a bit of a problem last week so hitting the ball better again.

Q.  Playing in that last group, are you giving any thought of trying to catch Rory?
MARCEL SIEM:  Not really.  I mean, he's playing Dubai anyway, so if he plays half decent, nobody has a chance.  I'm just trying not to defend anything.  Just go for it and have fun.  I think there's a lot of Germans out here, spectators, rooting for Martin and myself.  I really enjoy this golf course and I just try to do my best.

Q.  A couple of weeks ago, it wasn't even on the horizon and then you had your victory and suddenly you're right up there in The Race to Dubai and everything has changed suddenly, hasn't it.
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, screwed up the holiday with my wife, or for my wife, but that was a good change.  I've got the family over here.  It was kind of a chilled‑out week planned, so to say.  It's totally different now.  It's a bit more to play for, so to say now, being up there, I've never been so high in the rankings on The European Tour.
Yeah, I just can't wait for the tournament to start now and it's going to be a great two weeks no you.

Q.  You mentioned the number of Germans here; it really is a holiday resort for just about everyone, isn't it?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, it's really cool.  They all come up and want to have photos, and even in the hotel they come up and you get shoulder claps and stuff like that.  It's really, really cool.  I hope that there's going to be a lot of people out there tomorrow and I hope to have a good start, get up the leaderboard and have a celebration on the golf course with them.

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