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November 10, 2014

Stan Wawrinka


S. WAWRINKA/T. Berdych
6‑1, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Did you expect to produce that sort of performance today?
STAN WAWRINKA:テつ I didn't expect to win that easy in the score, for sure.テつ But I was ready to play well.テつ I did a great week of preparation.テつ I did work really, really hard since few weeks with Magnus.テつ Even if the result wasn't there in Basel and Paris, I was feeling the ball really well at the practice court.
No, today at the start of the match was really important.テつ That change completely the match after.

Q.テつ It's one against one.テつ Obviously he didn't have his best day, you had a good day.テつ Is it possible for you to say which was more?テつ Were you playing a particularly good match or did you get the sense he was there for the taking?
STAN WAWRINKA:テつ It's tough to say, but I think I did play a really good match.テつ And since the beginning, I start really well on my serve.テつ If you look, the second game, I had two time just a return and then I had one backhand and I put him directly under pressure.
At that moment he saw that I was taking the ball really early, seeing the ball really well, I was always putting him under pressure.テつ He couldn't really do anything except taking risk, and I was returning everything.
I'm just looking the match in general.テつ If he play good or bad, doesn't matter for me.テつ I'm happy with my performance.テつ I'm happy the way I was playing.テつ Serving really well.テつ Returning almost everything.テつ It seems it's not usual.テつ And, yeah, feeling good on the court.

Q.テつ Do you know the score of the first set was the same as the Federer/Raonic match yesterday?
STAN WAWRINKA:テつ Good start for the Swiss.

Q.テつ Good for the Davis Cup.
STAN WAWRINKA:テつ Exactly.テつ I try to show him that I'm going to be ready for the Final.

Q.テつ You have the best record on tour against the top 10 this year, you're 7‑1.テつ Against everyone else, you win two‑thirds of the time.テつ You're winning more against the top 10.テつ Why is that?
STAN WAWRINKA:テつ I had, what, six win against top 10 in the first three months of the year, then I never played them again because I lose early in the tournament, so it was a tough six months after (smiling).
Yeah, I think I show from the beginning of the year, already from last year, that my level is there.テつ When I feel good on the court, I'm ready to beat everybody.テつ It's never easy, but you have to fight for it.
Normally when you play the top‑10 guys, you are in the quarters or semifinals of a tournament.テつ So the confidence is there.テつ I'm feeling great mentally.テつ That's maybe one of the reason.

Q.テつ Have you spent any time on clay practicing this fall?
STAN WAWRINKA:テつ No, not at all.テつ Didn't have time.テつ I was too focused to play on hard court.

Q.テつ When you and Roger won the Olympic gold medal, do you feel that changed the perception of you in Switzerland?テつ Do you feel if you're able to win, it will have the same effect, changing how you're viewed?
STAN WAWRINKA:テつ Yeah, it was a long time ago.テつ But for sure it was big in Switzerland.テつ It was really big for me, because I was young.テつ Even if I was top 10 at that time, it was my first big year on the tour.
To win the Olympic, it's something really important because it's not only about tennis, it's about representing your country, about sportsfans in general watching you.テつ So it was really big at that time.
For this year, for sure, if we can win Davis Cup, it's going to be huge.テつ But we'll see if we do it.

Q.テつ You obviously know Roger as well as anybody probably on the tour.テつ If he does do well here, are you entirely confident that at 33, he's going to have the legs still to perform right to the end of what's already been a pretty long, hard season for him?
STAN WAWRINKA:テつ Yeah, on that person, sure, unless he's injured.テつ I think that week it's not that bad.テつ You play one match every two days.テつ It start yesterday.テつ Doesn't matter what he's doing, he's going to have a day off before the semifinal.
So if you look the week, it's not a hard week.テつ Then you have five days to come on clay.テつ He's the best player ever to adapt his game on the different surface.テつ It took him maybe like one hour or one day maximum to change the surface.
I'm sure he can take few days off and find a way how to play well on clay.テつ But then doesn't mean he's going to win the two singles in Davis Cup because you play against Monfils, again Tsonga, against Gasquet.テつ Those guys are really good on tennis.
But I'm sure physically he's going to be ready for trying to win here and trying to win the Davis Cup.

Q.テつ What is your relationship with Tomas Berdych?テつ How well do you get along?テつ How do you see him as a player or a person?
STAN WAWRINKA:テつ We are not close friend.テつ We don't spend so much time.テつ But we good friend, like we practice a lot together, especially I think the last two years we are doing a lot of practice together.
Always have fun on the practice court.テつ I think he's an amazing player.テつ Fifth time he qualified for the Masters end of year.テつ It's quite impressive.テつ He had the win Paris Bercy.テつ He make some final, semifinal Grand Slam.テつ He's there since many years.テつ It's quite impressive.

Q.テつ We see a lot of new faces in this tournament, such as Nishikori, Cilic, Raonic.テつ All of them said they got inspired by you, motivated by your victory in Australia.テつ How do you feel about being inspiration for younger players?
STAN WAWRINKA:テつ Good for them.テつ I'm sure Roger inspired them more about the tennis and the game in general.テつ But, yeah, that's because was the beginning of the year.テつ That's because I was the first to win a Grand Slam except the top four in so many years.テつ That show it was possible for a guy who is rank outside the top four.テつ That gave a little bit confidence for the other.
But still I think it's great to see a new face there.テつ They are playing really, really well.テつ If you look, Nishikori, Raonic, Cilic, having amazing year.テつ It's going to be interesting next year.

Q.テつ Obviously there are no French players here, but I was wondering what things were like in Paris, given that the Davis Cup final is coming up?テつ Were you staring each other down, you and the French players?テつ Are things kind of normal?
STAN WAWRINKA:テつ With the player, was okay.テつ Nothing special.テつ You know, I lost second round.テつ We were all focused on what we are doing there.テつ I think was a lot of question from the press also there.テつ A lot of French player talking a lot in the press.
You know, I'm doing my things.テつ I'm doing my way with my team.テつ I'm going to be ready after here for the Davis Cup.テつ That's for sure.テつ But so far I'm not too focused on that.
You know, for me it's a really important tournament.テつ I hope I can still play well and make a big result here.

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