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September 26, 2003

Soren Hansen


Q. Team competition is going well?

RUUD GUILLIT: Yes, I have been inspired by Soren playing so well it has been easy for me to follow up.

Q. Soren, into the wind you dropped a few shots though?

SOREN HANSEN: Yes it was an unfortunate way to end. I played really well for a long stretch, and continued the good play from yesterday on the front nine but when I came into the wind I hit a few loose shots and that gets punished on this course. But my partner stepped up on the back nine and the team score is going well. But there is still a lot of golf left to play but I have a good chance on the individual championship and as a team we are right in there for sure.

Q. It would be a great prize for you to win, Ruud?

RUUD GUILLIT: Yes, but I am not under any illusions, I am here to try and learn something about my game from the pros and for me the biggest joy would be to be there when Soren wins this tournament. That would be fantastic and if that happened the team thing would be of secondary importance. If he can play a bit better into the wind over the weekend, then I think he has a good chance.

Q. How do you think Chelsea will do this year?

RUUD GUILLIT: I think they have a lot of players and as long as they are winning their games then everyone will be happy, it is when they start losing a few that a few players will start being unhappy at being on the bench and that will be the moment to see how they cope with that.

Q. Soren, commiseration on the individual front a little bit?

SOREN HANSEN: Yes, I had it going, but turning into the wind and on that par three you need to hit a good shot and I didn't, I hit it into the water and ended up with a six which knocked the feet from under me a little bit. The holes coming in are really tough but my partner stepped in so thankfully the team score is still there. But there is still a lot of golf to be played and it is not supposed to be so great weather so we will have to see what happens.

Q. Ruud, you were a fair footballer, do you play golf the same way?

RUUD GUILLIT: I don't have the technique but the important thing is that you interact with your partner and have a good feeling about it and be relaxed between the shots and give each other some good vibes. I think that is the major thing in sport. When he plays alone, it is the most difficult part, so I can learn a lot from him, see how far behind him I am as a golfer and know I still have a lot to learn. But it is amazing just to be part of this event.

Q. Can you learn anything from him, Soren?

SOREN HANSEN: If I could put Ruud's head on my shoulders every week, I would come a long way. He has a great mind and I always admired him as a footballer and I think he is a really nice guy and living up to my expectations as the guy I saw as a kid when I was watching football myself. Get his mind on my shoulders, I would do a lot better.

Q. You were co-leading with Gianluca Vialli, but he has got in a helicopter and gone for the weekend?

SOREN HANSEN: That is unfortunate for him.

Q. You can't trust these Italians, can you?

RUUD GUILLIT: Don't ask me that question!

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