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November 8, 2014

William McGirt


Q.  Good finish, but more importantly, a great day.  You were able to get 66 out of it.
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Yeah, it was a good finish, real good day overall, and I'd still like to figure out how to make a six‑footer on the first hole out here.  Two days in a row I've hit it stone dead pretty much and air balled both putts.
You know, it was a good way to come back after that.  Would have been really easy to get down after that start, especially two days in a row, but kind of put my head down and kept going.

Q.  It doesn't feel like anybody has really figured out how to make a ton of putts out here, so today, 17 greens, that's tops in the field, just got to keep giving yourself chances.
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Well, I mean, that's the key.  Keep giving yourself birdie looks.  You can't afford to be chipping it to six feet and wondering what's going on.  It seemed like the first day, every putt was inside the hole, no matter if it was three feet or 33 feet.  Yesterday it seemed like everything was breaking pretty good, and today was a pretty good mix of both.  Like I said yesterday, these greens are absolutely perfect.
It's set up for scoring.

Q.  I know it's awfully small, but to get the birdie at the last guarantees you a spot in the final trio tomorrow.  I don't know if you were thinking about it at the time, but at least it's something to shoot for?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Yeah, I was looking at the board coming up 18, and I looked at B coming up to the green, and I said, we've got to make a 3 to get in the last group, so give me a good read.  He did, and I hit a good putt, and it looks like we'll be in the last group.

Q.  66 on Saturday, moved yourself right up.  How good was the round out there today?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  It was very good.  I thought it was set up for scoring.  They played 18 back.  We hit two, three more clubs into 18.  But all in all, it was set up to be had, and it was a lot warmer today.  I was really pleased.

Q.  What's the most rewarding part, knowing, as you said, there are low scores, the potential for them, and to go out and do it, now one, two, three straight days?  What excites you about that process?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Well, having a chance to win my first event tomorrow.  It seems like I've put myself in this position a good bit the last couple of years, and now it's time to try to capitalize.  You know, I'm looking forward to it, and it'll be a fun day.  I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Q.  We discussed it earlier this week that maybe you've been a little passive, haven't put the foot down on the pedal.  How do you try to take that aggressive mentality to the first hole all the way through tomorrow?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Well, I mean, a big key out here is to hit fairways.  It's so hard to attack from this rough because you don't know what it's going to do.  I had two balls today out of the first cut, which you think the first cut wouldn't be that bad, but both of them came out dead.  One was a perfect lie, thinking there's no problem, it'll be just like the fairway.  I hit 9‑iron 112 yards on 8.  And then 17, sitting down in the first cut, we're playing for it to jump, and it came out dead again.  Yeah, you have to be in the fairway to give yourself chances, and you just keep hitting greens.  That's the big thing.

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